Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Lori's Dinner - the Remains of the Feast!
Lori’s Dinner – the Remains of the Feast!

I didn’t plan on blogging about our anniversary, it was going to be just a nice dinner the day after our anniversary, but it turned out to be much more than that!

We didn’t go out for dinner last night, our anniversary day, because I (Lori) wanted to go to Landry’s Seafood House for all you can eat King Crab… which is only available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. More than just dinner, the day turned out to be even better! We started off the day with breakfast at Village Inn where I had two of my favorite breakfast foods – French Toast & Eggs!! Then for dinner, we headed to Landry’s! Zach had Crawfish Etouffee and I got the all you can eat King Crab. After about four pounds of crab, I was FULL!! The picture above is the remains of my feast! I realized tonight that my favorite real food (other than breakfast foods) is crab!! Then, to add to the wonderful meal, I wanted my favorite drink as well. So we headed to Lollicup, a coffee/tea house that makes blended drinks – I got a blended Thai Tea and Zach got Strawberry/Banana… yum!

You’d think today was my birthday or something, seeing as I got to have all of my favorite foods today – but my birthday is this Saturday and I just have a wonderful husband that treated me like a queen for our anniversary! Though, in all honesty, he treats me like a queen every day! What a happy life we have!