Happy 1st Anniversary!!!

One Year, plus Many, Many more to Come!!!
One Year, plus Many, Many more to Come!!!

This weekend we celebrated our 1st anniversary. We can’t believe how fast the year has gone by!! The week started off with a little treat from our LIFE Group at church. They gave us a sweet card with a ginger bread haunted house with “Haunted 1st Anniversary” written on the back. It was pretty cute! The traditional gift for your first anniversary is paper – so Zach got creative and ordered some beautiful stationery for me!! I love it! Hopefully you’ll get to see it when I send you a note sometime!

Sunday morning we got up and drove to the Ridge Golf Course to have breakfast – that’s where our reception was. Then we drove over to Daniel’s Park, enjoyed the time there and took some pictures. We also found some other places to take some great pictures with some beautifully changing aspen trees.  We spent the afternoon relaxing and enjoying the time together. Then we had dinner at Maggiano’s, thanks to a sweet gift card and then had our 1st year anniversary cake!! The people who made our wedding cake for us told us they do a small 1st year anniversary cake for all the couples they bake cakes for! So I called a few weeks ahead of time and ordered our free cake – which was exactly like the original – marble cake with fudge center and buttercream icing! Since we had our monogram in cookies for our original cake, we had them put the monogram on the cake with just icing. It was perfect! Of course we ate our cake on our wedding plates that all the lovely ladies in my life made for us as my bridal gift the week of our wedding.

I can’t believe it’s only been a year, it feels like forever – but in a great way! Life has been so neat for us… we’ve gotten to do a lot of traveling (not just for work) but also getting to work together has made this year quite lovely. It was a wonderful decision for me to move Zach’s program when we got married. We’ve been traveling a lot for work and being together on some of those trips or knowing what’s going on while one of us is away has helped grow us a lot. We love the church we’re attending and love the young married’s group we’re a part of.

Thank you to all the wonderful, special people in our life who have encouraged us in this past year of marriage, as well as before our wedding. You are truly a blessing to us! To many, many more years!!!!