Hanging out in Boulder with Lori’s Parents

Dad, Lori & Mom in Boulder, CO
Dad, Lori & Mom in Boulder, CO

Today we got to spend some time with Lori’s mom & dad so we decided to head up to Boulder. When we took Zach’s parents on the Celestial Seasonings tour back in December last year, we figured it’d be a great place to take Lori’s parents sometime too! We planned on having a picnic today, but weren’t too sure about the weather. Lately, it’s been really nice, sunny and warm during the weekdays but then turn yucky and rainy on the weekends! So, we packed a picnic to take to Boulder but decided to take the tea tour first! We love the tea tour because of all the different teas you can try and the smell of all the tea/herbal ingredients! I could take a nap in the tea room!! Mom & Dad enjoyed the tour and we bought some of the specialty tea to bring home.


Then we went and found a nice little park by the river to enjoy our egg-salad sandwiches, chips, strawberry & banana salad and cookies. It was a nice afternoon – a little overcast, but still nice enough for a picnic. So we lucked out on the weather! Then we just spent some time hanging out before mom & dad headed back to the Springs.

Last night we had an outreach event at church where we showed the movie FIREPROOF! We had postings about the event in a lot of places to get other couples to join us for the event. So it was our Young Marrieds group and some other couples from around the area. It was a blast! We’d already seen the movie, but it was even better the second time around. Now we’re doing a 4-week study in our Young Marrieds class on building strong and fireproof marriages. Then we’ll end the series with a marriage retreat with our Young Marrieds class. We’re excited about this series – what it can do for us and other young married couples in our lives! If you’re interested in joining us for the series, let us know!