Hairstyle Update


As I mentioned in a previous blog, I cut my hair a few weeks ago. Pretty short too…. this week I was a little frustrated with my hair and wanted a different, shorter style. I came across this picture and decided I’d go for it:


I went to my usual hairstylist but I didn’t actually get what I wanted – instead, my hair cut looks like this:


It looks nothing like the picture. Yesterday I was a little disappointed. Today I’m getting more used to it and like it a little more. I definitely love it short. My guess is that in two weeks I’ll really love it, then a week later it’ll be too long and I’ll need to get it cut again. I guess that’s the pain with short hair, it’ll start to look like a different style each week and you have to cut it more often to maintain the short style.

It’s VERY easy to do – which saves me hassle in the morning while getting going with Ellie… and Ellie can’t pull my hair…Mission accomplished 🙂