Growing, Growing


Ellie and I have been watering our garden lots this week! She loves playing outside and with water – so it’s a perfect activity! 🙂

Ethan is just growing like a weed, he must be getting lots of good food! 🙂 I had to buy more sleepers for him this week because he’s just getting so tall! He’s been a happy boy except for this weekend. I had some au jus with my french dip from Arby’s on Friday and it had milk in it… I’d checked the bun and asked for no cheese, but didn’t think to check the au jus sauce too!! He got really funny and congested – so I started second-guessing everything I’d eaten… then I thought about the au jus, bummer! So Ethan has been pretty miserable, which makes mama miserable! I’ve given him a few bottles of older pumped milk when I can – so it keeps him from getting to much of my milk with the diary in it! I gotta be more careful!


Although he’s been a mess, he’s started making a really cute motion with his lips – it’s like he’s hungry and licking his lips. He’s so sweet!

Here are a few funny things from Ellie this week:

  • She’ll lean her chin on her hand and say “So, Eugene…” and then finish the sentence with something random, including “it’s your birthday”… It’s from Tangled, when she finds out Flynn’s name is really Eugene. It’s hilarious when Ellie does it because of the extra thing she says at the end!

  • Another thing from Tangled is “I’m so sorry! It’s all my fault” – Rapunzel says it after they are trapped in the water (I think). Ellie has been saying this phrase to EVERYTHING lately. I feel horrible when she says it because something simple will not go right and she acts really sad and says that phrase. Yesterday she said it and all the sudden I realized it was from Tangled!! I feel better now, knowing it came from a movie. Otherwise, I couldn’t figure out why she kept saying that!

  • Ellie bumped her lip when she was at the park with Grammy on Thursday. Ellie did the whole “I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault” thing and Grammy assured her that it was an accident and she didn’t do it on purpose. The next day, Ellie was still talking about her fall. I said, “It’s okay Ellie, it was an accident” and she said “I DID IT ON PURPOSE!” I asked “you did!?” and even more exaggerated “I DID IT ON PURPOSE!!”  She has no idea what that means! 🙂

  • I don’t know if Ellie is hitting a growth spurt or she’s catching up from eating very little last week, but she’s been a bottomless pit this week!

  • One day in the car, she sang the ABC song over and over and over. As soon as I tried to take a video of it, once we parked, she stopped singing! She can say ALL of the letters now! Her “L, M, N, O, P” is all jumbled together and her “X” sounds like an “S”, but she’s doing great!

So glad to have my healthy, happy girl back! 🙂


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