Grocery Store


We went to the grocery store today. It was a big deal. This was my first time going to the grocery store with both kids in tow, by myself. Up until now, with the help of grandparents or Zach, I had either left one or both kids at home for my grocery outings or had an extra adult accompany all of us to the grocery store.

Today, it was just me. We survived. We more than survived though! We got from the car to the store, made it through every aisle, bought everything we needed and got back out to the car – all with no whining or meltdowns what-so-ever!! All of us were happy, the whole time!! All thanks to the best invention ever: the grocery cart-car! Yes, that huge, ridiculous cart with the kid’s car on the front of it. It’s difficult to push, it doesn’t fit everywhere you want to go, and people give you weird looks when they see you pushing it past them… but it makes me the happiest person in the grocery store!!

I don’t think we would survive a trip to the grocery store these days without it! Thank you, whoever you are, o-inventor of the grocery cart-car! You, are a genius! And my hero!

This is how we roll….


Oh, and King Soopers’ kids’ sugar cookies are also a very wonderful thing!

I can’t wait until Ethan is bigger and they both get to ride in the car! 🙂