Goodbye March


March came and went, with some action-packed weeks and weekends…

We started Spring Softball on our Highlands Ranch league a few weeks ago. Of course our first game was canceled because it snowed, but so far so good from here on out. Spring ball will be our warm-up for the Summer League.

Zach traveled a lot this month with a few days each week in Greenville and Salt Lake City. It’s not so bad when he leaves one evening is gone for two days and comes back – working together makes his trips a little more fun because I know what all he’s doing while he travels which follows along with part of what he said in his marriage vows “It’s such an amazing experience to be able to come home from work and discuss my day with you, and have you completely understand what I’m talking about!” I have been pretty swamped at work, so when Zach’s out of town, I work some extra hours but make time to have dinner with Kristi and her kids.

Because out testing phase at work was during the winter months this time around, we knew we wouldn’t be able to hit the slopes as much as we’d like – so we only bought 4-pack passes to Copper Mountain. So far though, we’ve only used two of our four days. The first off-Friday in April is already planned for a ski day, and we’ll probably skip out on work another day in April before Copper closes the second weekend in April.

We had two visitors Easter weekend one of Zach’s friends that he grew up with, Patrick, was in town for the weekend to ski at Breckenridge and Keystone. We met him and his friends at a restaurant near the airport Friday night and got them on their way to their condo in the Mountains. The next day we headed up to the Mountains to ski with Patrick and our second set of visitors.


Zach’s cousin Jamie, her husband Tom, and their 14-month-old son Noah, were at Breckenridge for a week in March with Tom’s family. So we met Tom & Jamie at their condo on Friday (that’s us with them in the title picture) and then Tom & Jamie came into Denver to spend the day with us on Saturday before they left for home on Easter Sunday. This was Lori’s first time to meet Jamie and her family and it was also baby Noah’s first time to meet his Colorado family – including Rick, Alisa, Molly & Jessica. Here’s a cute picture of Molly & Noah. Noah is so cute and fun!


Easter Sunday, Tom & Jamie got up at 4:00 am to head to the airport! Whew! Then we got up and headed to Colorado Springs for church and lunch with Lori’s mom & dad. It was a nice, relaxing afternoon.

Last week, Zach celebrated his 28th birthday by getting up at 3:30 am to head to Salt Lake City for a one day meeting, he was home by 10:00 pm. That made for a LONG day! Not much of a birthday!! But he did get Cold Stone Ice Cream Cake!

This final weekend of March was just as fun as the previous weekend…We hosted our church dinner group at our house,Lori decorated for and attended a baby shower for two of the young married couples at church, while Zach played his first 18-holes of golf this season with Rick. We’ve gotten very involved with the young married class at church and it’s been an amazing experience so far!

So long March… stay tuned for happenings in April…