Go Broncos!


The above picture is the best I could get of these two in their Bronco’s clothes last weekend! Zach’s mom found some good Broncos clothes for the kids and even though we don’t get to watch much of the games, it’s still really fun to get them dressed up!

We were sick last week – Ethan, Ellie and myself… yuck! By the time Zach went on work travel (for a whole week) we were feeling a little better. It was a crazy week with Zach gone, but we survived. We are VERY glad to have him home! The kids were all over him when he got home!


We went to the squishy playing ground at the mall again this week. It’s so nice because both kids love that place! We’ll definitely have to go back a lot this winter! 🙂

Here are some fun things about Ethan this week:

  • He copies us when we clap and raise our hands in the air!

  • He threw a few balls this week.

  • Ethan has been able to go to sleep on his “own” lately – sometimes he’ll cry for 10-15 minutes and then go to sleep. This doesn’t work so well with nap time, but bed time and middle-of-the-night wakings are pretty great!

  • We moved back to the swing for nap time this week! For some reason he stopped being easy about laying down for nap time…. so instead of fighting about it, I pulled the swing out and it’s working ok for now! 🙂

  • Ethan can stand for about 15-30 seconds on his own! He uses his toes to balance and then just gracefully sits back down!

  • He walks pretty well (cruising) along the couch and does great when holding our hands!

  • Ethan is wearing 18-month sleepers and large sleep-sacks. He’s wearing 12-18 month clothes and some 24-month clothes! He’s a big boy!
  • We got Ethan some shoes this week – mainly to help keep socks on his feet when it’s cold outside!
  • He bounces/shakes to his own beat and then goes crazy when he does hear music!
  • This kid just started walking last week! I pulled out a big pot for him to bang on to make music… next thing I knew he was using it as a walker!

Here are some funny things about Ellie this week:

  • When playing with a balloon, she yells “come back here baboon!”

  • When we ask Ellie to do something she doesn’t want to do, she says “this is so hard!”

  • We’ve started asking Ellie to help clear her plates off of the table. Every little new thing to help is pretty cool!

  • I finally realized a lot of our pooping issues with Ellie have to do with her diet! This week I’ve focused on sneaking some fruits and veggies into her diet without her noticing! She really likes the Green Machine Naked Juice – but has no idea she’s drinking a GREEN drink because I put it in a blue or green cup with a colored lid and straw! When I make smoothies for myself, I always add spinach, so I offer her some and just make sure she doesn’t see what she’s actually drinking! 🙂

  • This kid loves puzzles!!!

  • Ellie just outgrew her 2T shirts, so we got some more shirts… but she still fits in her 2T pants! She must have a long torso!
  • We got a new Barbie movie that she enjoys watching. There are two different balls in the movie and Ellie loves dancing when they dance – she copies what they do. She tells me she needs to wear a tutu when she wants to watch the show so she can dance! 🙂
  • Ellie got some new play-high-heel shoes this week…. she loves walking in them!

We have more pictures in the September 2013 Photo Album.