Garage Finish

Happy Working
Happy Working

We started on our Garage Finish project this weekend. It was the last “major” home improvement project we really wanted to get done before the baby comes – just because we knew it would take time and effort, which might be limited come November! We’ve put this project off for as long as possible – because honestly who wants to put time and effort into their garage? It was needed though – the garage was dirty, unorganized and just needed some love.

Thursday after work we started cleaning out the garage – we made a pile of the stuff we absolutely didn’t need and then moved the “keep” stuff to Zach’s parents’ garage next door. They won’t be moving here for another two weeks – so it was very convenient for us to be able to move all our stuff over there while working on the garage. That was another reason for starting this project now – an empty garage to utilize for storage! There were some yucky spiderwebs and spiders and bugs everywhere!! I even had nightmares about the spiders on Thursday night!!

Friday after work we completed going through the rest of the garage. The only stuff left was lots of scrap wood that’s been placed in the garage over the years. Every project we worked on, we always saved scraps for the “what-ifs”… but we never used any of it! Hopefully we’ve learned it’s not worth it to save extra stuff like that! Home Depot is just down the road and we can always grab a 2×4 or piece of sheetrock if needed! Zach threw all that stuff in the truck on Saturday morning and we hauled it down to the dump. It wasn’t a typical landfill – they actually had us throw stuff into different piles (wood here, metal here, etc). I’m not sure if they recycle it or anything – but it felt better than just dumping it all in the landfill!

Then we headed to Home Depot to buy insulation… half way through Saturday, we had all the insulation on the walls. We thought that we might as well put insulation up if we’re going sheet rock! Hopefully it will keep the hot air in the house in the winter and keep the cool air in the house in the summer. It already feels quite a bit cooler in there when the door has been shut and the sun has been beating down on the house all day.

Zach stapling the insulation…


And a finished wall…


Then we headed back to Home Depot and we picked up the sheetrock to get back to work. It took afternoon to get the sheetrock put up.

Here’s Zach hanging the sheetrock:


On Sunday we did the tape/mud. We also ran by Sam’s so that we could get a workbench and some garage shelves. We keep trying to brainstorm ways to create the most organized, usable space!

After work today, Zach came home and painted while I did some stuff inside the house. Since I’m pregnant, we decided it’s not a good idea for me to be around the fumes of the paint. We could have bought the “no-VOC” paint, but that’s pretty expensive stuff (for the garage mind you). Instead we bought a $15 5-gallon bucket of “oops” paint from Home Depot. They always have some random colors available that someone else didn’t want. We picked up a gray semi-gloss and it’s looking pretty good!

Zach painting away…


Zach did lots of the hard work this weekend – I was the assistant 🙂 But until the garage gets painted, I don’t even get to be an assistant! We’ll post more pictures when the job gets done! We can’t wait until our garage is finished! Check out some pictures in our Home Improvements Photo Album.