Garage Doors Gallore!

A Monkey has Nothing to do with this Blog!
A Monkey has Nothing to do with this Blog!

After visiting the Zoo on Saturday and having a meeting for church social planning that night, we came home to a garage door that would not open. We tried a couple of times to open the door and it wouldn’t move but a few feet. We went inside through our front door – which we never do – and opened the door to the garage and found our Garage Door Opener smoking!! So Zach unplugged it and we just stood there waiting with a fire extinguisher! It was done smoking, but it was also dead!

Zach came inside and did some research on garage door openers and decided what we would do to replace it. So Sunday after church, we went and bought a new garage door opener and installed it. The reviews for the garage door opener said most people took 7 hours to install it, but it only took us 4 hours! Part of the reason it didn’t take as long was because we already had the infrastructure in place from the previous opener.

It was fun to have a small project to do on a Sunday afternoon. Following the directions were like building with LEGOS!! Sadly, we didn’t get to add anything to the house with this project, other than fixing a problem, but at least we have a garage door that opens! The joys of homeownership.

So, we added a monkey to this blog entry, though it has nothing to do with this blog, but if we were more like monkeys, the job would have been easier!!