Funny Things by Ellie


Ellie is full of life and curiosity! It’s so funny to hear what is on her mind! Here are some funny things she has said/done over the last few months:

  • She loves pretending to take care of her babies. She still says she has “Satellite” in her belly or she holds a stuffed animal and says it’s Satellite.
  • She loves pretending to cook and recently she has started “packing for a trip” – it’s adorable.
  • She asked me one day “Mommy, when you got married, did you ride in a royal carriage?”
  • She asks people what their “first-last” name is – she means full-name!
  • There’s a lady, Karen, that works in the bakery at the grocery store that Ellie just loves. Every time we go to the grocery store, we have to see Karen. If we don’t see Karen, Ellie starts asking everyone who looks like they work at the grocery store “excuse me, do you know if Karen is working today?” It’s hilarious!
  • If Ellie takes a nap during the day, she goes to bed REALLY late – like 9 or 9:30! BUT if she skips a nap, the evening is horrible and she goes to bed at 7 or 7:30. Although I enjoy having a long evening kid-free, her skipping naps means I have less time in the afternoons to have a “break” and the evenings are just so hard! Instead of fighting her on nights where she napped, we started playing games with her after Ethan goes to bed. We play memory, go-fish, do little mind puzzles and talk through Brain-Quest questions. We’ve really seen her blossom in her game-playing, counting and concentration skills!
  • Zach taught her the concept of “crushing” someone – meaning you’re winning. Some nights when she realizes she winning a game, she’ll say “I’m crushing both of you!”
  • Sometimes Zach says “nailed it!” and Ellie tries to copy him but generally she says “mailed it!” One day Zach said he mailed something and she said “nailed it!” haha!
  • She loves the “Roar” song by Katy Perry and also the “Firework” song by Katy Perry. One night we were talking about the two different songs, she apparently didn’t realize Katy Perry sang both (why would she?) and she said, “there’s two Katy Perry’s?” she was so surprised!!
  • One day Ellie was talking about the kingdom that Prince Hans tries to destroy in the Frozen movie, but instead of “kingdom” she called it a “queendom”
  • If we say something sarcastically, she’ll say “are you just kidding around??” She also says silly things and then “I’m just kidding around”. This girl has such a sense of humor!
  • We listen to “Princess music” in the car these days – it’s the Disney “channel” on Pandora. She HATES when we try to sing along, it’s quite frustrating. Some days she doesn’t throw too much of a fit! One day I said to her “Ellie, you’re such a good singer” and her response was “I’m better than both of you!” Oh no! We’re working on her “thank you” responses!!
  • We went to visit Greg & Jen’s church on Father’s Day for baby Emma’s dedication. Ellie was too nervous to go to Sunday School – which made sense because she generally takes a few weeks to warm up to new situations. Instead of trying to force her to go to class, we just brought her to “big church” with us. She did SO GOOD! We were so proud of her!
  • Some days she will choose to eat LOTS for breakfast, lunch or dinner – but some days it’s such a struggle to get her to eat! One day she said “OH YEA” (like the Kool-Aid guy) “I got a full belly! Do you want to feel my belly when I’m done?!”
  • One day at the park, a pigeon flew right in front of us. I said “oh! Hello birdie!” and Ellie said, “No mama! That’s a pigeon!!”
  • We were looking out her window one night as the sun was setting and she said “oh! It looks like Broncos!!” It was really pretty.
  • Driving home one evening from Grammy’s house, she saw a lone tree in the middle of a field and said “oh! There’s a baby tree over there all alone! Where’s the mommy & daddy? Too bad mom. Maybe I could be the mommy & daddy!”
  • She hadn’t pooped one day – it was nearing bedtime. I asked her why she hasn’t pooped and her answer was “Because I think my poop said – ‘hum, I don’t want to come out today’”
  • At the playground there was a question mark written on a wall for a scavenger hunt. She saw the question mark and said “mom! It’s a mystery! We need to solve the mystery!!”
  • Zach got some Chick-Fil-A mini cinnamon rolls for breakfast one morning. Ellie was eating one and said “I love cinnamon rolls. But I like Michelle’s the best! She makes the best cinnamon rolls in the world!” Our friend, Michelle, owns a Cinnabon 🙂
  • And the biggest, most exciting news of all…. Ellie is FINALLY pooping on the potty!! It’s been a long time coming! The last time she attempted to poop on the potty was LAST SEPTEMBER! She struggled with it and went into the phase of keeping it in and we just backed off and tried to get her pooping regularly in a diaper. June 23, 2014 – at a little over 3.5 years old, she is successfully pooping on the potty daily.

This girl! What a joy! What a challenge! She is so smart and she is so kind and she is so perceptive! She really wants to be a sweet big sister but she also really likes to be mean to her little brother! She really does have a loving spirit – when she wants to! 🙂

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