Fun Updates!


Here’s a mid-week update because we have some fun updates that shouldn’t wait another week…

The above picture is in the Building Our House photo album…. the framing is almost complete! It’s been so fun to see the building progress!!

Also, in Ellie news – we got some really fun videos of her this week and just had to share!

Here, Ellie is helping with the laundry! She loves pulling clothes out of the washer or dryer. Now that she understands putting items IN something, she really enjoyed pulling her diapers out of the dryer and putting them in the laundry basket!

Ellie will eat just about anything if it’s on a fork. Here, she’s struggling to get the fruit on her fork – so I had to help her. It was so cute though!

This last video, Zach took with his phone as Ellie was finally figuring out how to get food on her fork! I love the grunts!

These movies are also on our Movies page.