Fun in the Sun

Views from Highlands Ranch:  We get to see views like this from our neighborhood!
Views from Highlands Ranch: We get to see views like this from our neighborhood!

It was a short weekend for us, but we had a lot of fun enjoying the wonderful weather!

We had to work Friday, but Thursday night we played softball and won again!! Lori’s parents came up for the game, so that was nice to have them there! We’ll keep playing like we’ve been playing and hopefully win this summer league! As soon as we were done playing, is started pouring, so we’re glad we played early on Thursday night. After dinner with mom & dad, we sat on our back porch and enjoyed listening to the rain hit the gazebo top! Friday night it rained a little bit, but that didn’t set the trend for the weekend – the rest of the weekend was SO sunny!!

Friday night we played games with some friends from church. Saturday we slept in and ran some errands. Then we decided to go for a long jog/walk. We took a 4.5 mile walk/run in the nice warm weather! We plan to start taking longer and longer jog/walks like this throughout the summer. It’s so nice to be able to walk the trails around Highlands Ranch and see beautiful views of Denver – what a great place to live!! 🙂

Saturday evening we had a young married’s picnic where we had some yummy banana splits and played cowboy golf! There are some pictures below of some of our friends playing cowboy golf. Molly, Zach’s cousin, just moved into a new apartment, so we went to her housewarming party after the picnic. Sunday morning as a part of Sunday School, we took another walk which was probably around 2 miles – then we had our weekly lunch out with our friends from church After running a few errands, we came home to take a nice long nap in the basement where it’s nice and cool! We finished the evening watching diving and gymnastic Olympic trials on TV! We love watching the Olympics and can’t wait until they’re on!

So, not a super crazy weekend, just a nice relaxing weekend with lots of fun things going on where we could catch some nice sun!