Fun Baby


Ellie is so much fun these days – she’s so silly and happy!

She blows raspberries like crazy. If we start doing it, she’ll copy us and we can go back and forth for almost 5 minutes. She loves to stand while we hold her hands. She loves playing in a pile of toys and moving all over the place.

She likes to stand up on her feet, but keeps her hands on the ground – no crawling like this yet, but it’s adorable:


In the bath tub, Ellie moves around like crazy and plays with everything. She tries to lean over and drink water out of the tub – it’s really hard to prevent her from doing it. Thursday night, Zach turned on the faucet a little while Ellie was in the tub to see what she would do. Of course she loved the water and wanted to drink it!! We took a video of it because she was just too cute:

We’ve also gotten her to give us kisses on command!! We have to pucker up, and says “kisses!” and she’ll lean in with her mouth open and “kiss” us… we can get her to do it at least 5 times in a row. Tongue comes with her kisses – so that’s always a funny surprise.

Ellie finally can crawl forward! She has to REALLY want something and she’ll make the few steps with her knees and hands to get there. Here is a video of her crawling twice this afternoon:

While taking the video of her crawling today, I shot for about 3 minutes – and I decided to make the entire clip a video because it’s a fun, sweet time that I never want to forget. Warning, it is 3 minutes long and probably is really only entertaining to us!

Such fun times… we love that sweet baby!!

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