Fulkerson Family Reunion

The Whole Family
The Whole Family

The Fulkerson Family had a reunion over Memorial Day weekend and mom, dad, Zach & I headed to Tulsa for the festivities. We didn’t have a lot planned, but to just hang out and it was a blast. We stopped in Amarillo, TX on the way there for the night. While in Amarillo we decided to be tourists and go see the Cadillac graveyard and made our mark on a car. Then we went and ate at the Big Texan – home of the 72 oz. steak. We just enjoyed an easy dinner, not the 72 oz. steak! Friday we headed to Shawnee, OK – home of OBU. We had lunch with one of my computer professors, Dr. Hanchey, and then walked around OBU! It was nice to see campus again and show Zach around. Then we headed up to Tulsa. Almost everyone was already there and we walked in the door to a big receiving line of family. Then we spent the next few days hanging out and enjoy our time.

On Saturday Zach & I were able to have lunch with two of my college roommates: Jana & Megan, which was so fun to see them and spend a little time catching up. Then Saturday night we hung out with one of Zach’s buddies Alan, and his wife Jessica. It was a lot of fun to meet them and let Zach catch up with them. On the way home on Monday we stopped by Zach’s grandma’s place in Wichita for a little visit and then had lunch in Salina with my Grandma & Grandpa Inman. We don’t have pictures of all those events to post yet, but we’ll get them up soon!

All in all, it was a long road trip, but well worth it and a blast!! It’s fun to catch up with everyone and enjoy that time, whenever possible!!! But we also missed those we didn’t get a chance to visit with!  Check out all of the Family Reunion Pictures Here!