First Real Solids


Now that Ellie is just over 6-months old, we really need her to start eating solids. We tried giving Ellie rice cereal once a week for the past month and she was not interested. This week, we tried a mashed banana. She finally swallowed a few bites – but she totally gagged after she swallowed. Here’s a video… it takes a while to get to the end, but her reaction is worth the wait! 

Before we got her to swallow the banana from a spoon, I did put some banana in one of those mesh-bag-feeding-things made my Munchkin. She didn’t really like it, but I do think I’ll try that with other foods as she starts eating more. It’s a really messy concept – but it is genius!

Thursday night we tried some oatmeal, instead of the rice cereal that she hasn’t wanted yet. She seemed to like it a little better although I don’t think she swallowed any of it. We’ll keep trying every night for the next week to see how she does… eventually she will catch on!

She just started this last week pursing her lips together when she doesn’t want us to give her medicine or if she doesn’t want to eat (she does it in the video above). It’s so cute, but boy is it difficult! She really wants to feed herself. When we bring the spoon to her mouth, she likes to grab it and will try to put it in her mouth. We’ll see how things progress there, but we may just learn to deal with a big mess if she’ll eat by feeding herself!

We took Ellie to the doctor for her 6-month check-up on Thursday. She got 4 shots and was more upset about the shots than any time before!

She weighed in at 14 pounds, 9 ounces (25th percentile). She was 24.75 inches long (23rd percentile) and her head was 17.25 inches (85th percentile). The doctor said she’s doing great!


Ellie has started to have the dreaded “stranger anxiety” lately. She’s had a really hard time the past week with friends that we’ve had over or gone to visit. She even had a hard time with the doctor and nurse on Thursday – they never bothered her before. Hopefully she’ll learn to like other people – because they sure like her!


Zach took Ellie for her first jog this week. We have taken her for many walks in the BOB, but this was her first real jog. I was a little worried that she might get upset sometime during the outing – but she did just fine!

Ellie is sitting up so great! We still have to be there to help support her or catch her from bumping her head on the floor when she falls over – but even this week compared to last week she’s doing so much better!


Something cute (and also annoying) this week is that Ellie puts her legs together when we’re trying to put a new diaper on her. She doesn’t try to put her feet in her mouth when her diaper is off anymore because she can do that any time now – when she used to do that, it made it really easy to change her diaper. Now, with her knees pushed together, we have pry her legs apart to get the diaper on. She’s a strong little girl!

She’s kicking her feet a lot when she’s on her back lately – I don’t know if she likes the noise her foot makes when it hits the floor, but she likes something about it. That movement hasn’t translated into her trying to crawl when she’s on her belly, but she’ll get there. Speaking of Ellie on her belly, she is rolling over A LOT in her crib now. At bed time when we let her fuss a little to put herself to sleep, sometimes we go in and check on her and she’s on her belly. In the middle of the night when she wakes up ready to eat – she’s on her belly. Almost every morning this past week, I’ve gone in there after she’s woken up and she’s on her belly. This morning she was on her belly, but I think she was tired of holding her head up – so she turned her head and laid it down. She’s just too cute!

The bad news about this week was that Ellie had a relapse of her mucous/throw-up issues. I think maybe I was exposed to some dairy because she’s had the same symptoms in the past few days as she did before I was dairy-free. This is really disappointing to me – I had been trying SO HARD to protect her and even in my best efforts, something still got by. Hopefully she will recover in the next few days. I hate seeing her lose an entire meal!

Let’s end with a funny video… Zach eats popsicles in the evenings and Ellie always wants what daddy has. We took a video of Ellie watching the popsicle, grabbing for it, and then Zach letting her have a taste and touch it… she didn’t like what she got!

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