First Pig-Tails!


Ellie wore her first pig-tails this week! I had to turn on a good show for her to watch on the TV while I put in the rubber bands – she did great! I couldn’t believe how cute she looked, although I didn’t get wonderful pictures, but I got a few good ones.


Ellie’s 18-month appointment went well on Wednesday. She actually allowed us to place her on the scale to get an accurate weight – in the past she wailed and flailed so much it was really difficult to get an accurate measurement! She weighed in at 19 lbs. 10 oz! She’s actually just below the percentile curve for her age, but our doctor always tells us he thinks the scale should be lowered anyway. He also said I was probably that petite as a baby and he’s not concerned. That made me feel better! We looked at my records and I was two pounds heavier at 18-months, so I was still pretty tiny. Ellie is 30.5” tall – I was an inch taller at her age. It’s fun to look back and see what my stats were at her age.


It seems like this week Ellie has started to repeat more and more of what we say – it’s always just the first syllable of of the word, but she’s trying and it’s so great to hear!

On Saturday the weather was so nice that it was time to pull out the water table. Ellie LOVED it! LOVED! IT!


I think she could have played for hours and hours. It was adorable to just sit back and watch her have fun! I can’t wait to pull out the little pool sometime this summer and just watch her splash and play!


Check out more pictures in the April 2012 album.

While Ellie played, Zach finished putting up the stringers for the fence. He had been spending a few hours each night this past week putting up the stringers. He’s been working so hard!


Today, he put up some of the pickets… it looks SO good!!


He’ll be spending more hours out there after work this week, but he’s making such good progress! The landscapers will be here this week to finish the sprinkler system – and then lay the sod and put in all the rock. Later this summer or early this fall we’ll work on buying and planting trees and shrubs. Until then we’ll at least have a fenced-in yard with grass for Ellie to play in!