First Day on the Slopes

Zach and Lori at Copper Mountain
Zach and Lori at Copper Mountain

Zach’s roommate from college came to visit this weekend. We see Dave about twice a year, he lives in Las Vegas and we either go see him or he comes to see us. We planned for Dave to come out here a month or two ago and knew that we would not hit the slopes until he got here. So, not only did we get to hit the slopes for the first time this year with Dave, it was also our first time ski/snowboard this season… and what a great day it was!

We planned on having a relaxing weekend… we hit the slopes at Copper Mountain on Friday and planned to just hung out the rest of the weekend. The weather on Friday was awesome! The sun was out, there was some fresh powder and like our usual off-Friday skiing days, it was NOT crowded at all! Dave hadn’t been snowboarding in a few years, but he picked it up again easily! It was a great day on the slopes! It was fun to catch up, watch movies and play video games with Dave.

Here are a couple other pictures from the slopes…

Lori & Dave on the ski-lift:


Dave snowboarding: