For 4th of July this year, we took Thursday off and headed to Copper Mountain for two nights. We booked a 2-bedroom condo (the only way to do it with two toddlers) at Copper. We’d never stayed there before and we really enjoyed the condo.


Ellie was really excited about fireworks because we’ve never watched fireworks with her. While talking about fireworks, Ethan was apparently internalizing the word because for two whole days, he would randomly point at things and say “firework!”

We left Thursday morning and checked-in just in time for naps. After naps we drove over to Leadville for the afternoon. Then after dinner at the condo, we played in the hot-tub… which is the perfect “pool” for our kids! On Friday morning we played in Copper for a little bit – playground, ski-lift ride and a small hike.


We drove over to Breckenridge for lunch and seeing a few sights. After naps we walked around Copper a little bit more. Ellie really enjoyed the river and looking at all the flowers! After dinner at the condo, we went back and played at the hot-tub. After baths, we got the kids ready for bed and then drove down to Frisco to get ready for the fireworks show. At 8pm it was pouring and lightening! We found a great spot overlooking the lake and we just sat in the back of the van waiting for the rain to stop. By 9pm the weather cleared up and by 9:30pm we were ready! We sat with the van door open and enjoyed the show sitting in the comfort of the van! The show was awesome and the kids loved it! Now Ethan knows what the word “firework” means! 🙂


With the late night out, the kids slept in a little later on Saturday morning! We had breakfast in Copper and then rode the ski-lift one more time. The kids really enjoyed the ski-lift! It was a little cold, but not bad at all!

Ellie got to play with some stilts before we headed out of Copper and to have lunch at a park in Dillon. After lunch we headed home.

We were home by 2:30pm on Saturday – giving us plenty of time to unpack and get settled back at home before bedtime – with an extra day of the weekend to spare!

Happy Independence Day! We had a GREAT time and really enjoyed the time away. Every time we take a trip, it gets easier and easier to travel with the kids! 🙂


We have more pictures in the July & August 2014 Photo Album.