Fighting with my Daughter


When we first found out we were having a girl, I thought about how some day down the road we would probably endure those dreaded mother-daughter fights…. never did I think we would be enduring them when she’s 4-months old! Remember my post a little over a month ago about Ellie refusing to eat all day long and just screamed the whole time…What’s a momma to do? That Sunday was the worst day ever. Well, she’s been that way all week — not as intense all the time, but it’s been bad. Any time during the day that I try to feed her, she will scream and squirm and refuse to eat. I force and fight and eventually get her to eat – a little. I’ve tried waiting until she’s really hungry, I’ve tried feeding her on a strict 3-hour schedule, I’ve tried moving to a 4-hour schedule… nothing has made a difference, she still fights, It’s exhausting.

I’ve found that if I wait until nap time, I can get her to the point of being so sleepy that she just gives up and finally eats as she falls asleep. That is the ONLY way I can get her to eat well. That screws up the fed/wake/sleep cycles that all the books talk about, but at this point if I can get her to eat, it’s worth it. Of course at night she eats GREAT! She’ll wake up every 2-3 hours at night to eat and she’s as happy as can be. No fighting. Those evening feedings are precious times because I just watch her in awe – she’s so peaceful. It’s during the day that’s a completely different story! I’ve tried every position in the book. Speaking of books, I’ve read so many books about sleeping and feeding…. trying to soak up all the good tips and tricks… and yet I still have this difficult baby that doesn’t want to cooperate. It’s hard. It’s really hard. So many times during the day I just feel defeated.

Ellie has always had a hard time taking a bottle – both of her Grandmas have had to fight to get her to eat anything during the days I work. Even Zach has a hard time feeding her when he needs to give her a bottle. Eventually we just decided on days I work the Grandmas will do what they can and when she fights them, they’ll just stop trying to feed her and she’ll let them know later when she’s hungry. When she doesn’t eat much during my work days, she generally eats pretty well as soon as I get home – so we always just thought she was being difficult with a bottle. I don’t have Gigi and Grammy fight with her anymore, but I feel like I need to keep fighting with her on the days I’m home.

I asked for some advice from some of my mommy friends today and I hope that we can implement some of the ideas to see some change… I welcome just about any bit of change from what I’ve felt this week!

Despite having a frustrating week, I’ve still taken lots of sweet pictures and enjoyed lots of great time with Ellie. She’s still talking up a storm and I just love having “conversations” with her! When Zach comes home, Ellie hears his voice and instantly looks to where his voice is coming from – craning her neck to see him… and just smiles!


I’ve stopped putting Ellie on the Boppy on the couch – unless I am going to sit there with her the whole time. She’s so wiggly anymore that I just put her on the floor and let her move around. She still doesn’t roll over, but she’s so close and she’ll just wiggle and squirm and turn to watch me if I’m walking around. She moves a lot for not even rolling over yet!


Ellie has outgrown her 3-month pants… mainly because her diaper is a little more bulky (with the larger inserts). So I’ve put the 3-month pants and sleepers in the basement. She still wears 3-month shirts though. I can’t believe how quickly we’re going through clothes!

Ellie’s nap time has been great lately! She usually takes an hour to hour and a half nap in the morning and then a two to three hour nap in the afternoon. She’s still taking naps in the swing, but we haven’t had the 45-minute-intruder lately – she sleeps the whole time without making a peep. It’ll be interesting to see how she does once we put her in the crib for nap time. For now, I’ll enjoy her naps in the swing – it allows me to get some work done in the morning and get a really good nap in the afternoon. She gets a little fussy around 6pm, but we just push through it and wait until about 7:15 to begin the bedtime routine. At least I feel like we’re making progress with sleep and such!

Here’s our chill baby… it’s true, she’s so chill all of the time EXCEPT when I’m trying to feed her! What a mystery she is!


Here’s a link to this weeks pictures in:  March 2011 album.