February – Surprise Sun!


Another month has come and gone without a blog post! Things are just a little bit crazy and I find that blogging is one of the last things on my to do list. At least I still keep notes on my phone so I don’t forget what I want to write about! I don’t take nearly as many pictures as I used to with the nice camera because Ellie is a stinker about having her picture taken and if I’m taking a picture of Ethan, she just jumps in the way! I take quite a few pictures on my phone to send to Zach during the day, but they aren’t generally blog-worthy!

We had some sicknesses this month which means more visits to the doctor’s office! I feel like we’ve already paid more money in co-pays in 2014 than we have in all of Ellie’s lifetime! Although we had some sickness, we were still able to do some fun activities when we weren’t sick!

I was a little surprised this month with the ability to go outside and play a few days! I’ve never paid much attention to how many days of nice weather we get every February, but with little ones in the house needing to get out and play this year, the warm-weather days this month were a welcome change! We got to play outside quite a bit and I’m so thankful for the convenience of our awesome backyard playground!


We have a friend who just opened a Cinnabon store at Colorado Mills and took two trips up to see her this month. The Mills has some great activities for the kids, so it’s a perfect little trip to visit Michelle and have fun. We’ve ridden the carousel, the mall train and Ellie got to play in the bounce house. We also took the kids to jumpstreet one weekend. They have an “under 7” area so even Ethan got to play without the risk of getting plowed over by big kids! Not only do they have a separate trampoline area for the little kids, they have three bounce houses just the right size for them!

We had Sam, Julie and Gabi over one Saturday morning for a play date. It was fun to visit and watch the kids play. The next Monday, I took the kids to open-gym at the rec center with Julie and Gabi. At open-gym, the kids get to play on all the gymnastics equipment, with supervision from their parents. Having both kids with me made it quite the work-out (for me!) ha! We haven’t been back since, but hopefully we’ll get a chance next month to go back again! We took the kids swimming once at the rec center. Ethan really enjoyed the pool, I think for the first time ever!

Ellie has gotten so much better about playing around other kids, so it has been really fun taking her to do some of these activities lately.

This was also a pretty busy month for me and Zach. I went to a bridal shower for Michelle in early February. It was such a fun time with sweet friends! Michelle and Adam are getting married next month in Mexico. I wish we could go, but it’s just not something we can pull off right now. The following weekend was a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Jen. My mom and I drove down to Monument and enjoyed being at the shower. Emma got showered with so many nice gifts! She is one loved little girl already! We can’t wait to meet her! Last weekend, Zach and I attended Amber’s wedding in Black Forest. It was a great event and Amber looked gorgeous! We planned on doing a 5280 dinner just this week but I was sick and we decided it wouldn’t be very fun to go out if I wasn’t in the mood for eating dinner! Maybe we’ll get a fun date night out next month!


Just like I do every month, here are some things about the kids which just get us so tickled:

  • The kids have started playing iPhone games. Sometimes they play at home, but most of the time it’s to help pass the time when we really need to keep them happy like at the doctor’s office or when Ellie is at dance class and Ethan is getting bored watching! Ellie plays some preschool activities which includes tracing letters, matching games and puzzles. Ethan plays some counting and ABC games. I still have my old iPhone and my current iPhone – so there are times both kids have an iPhone in their hand if we are desperate!
  • One day in the car Ethan started babbling “ahh! ahh! ahh!” and Ellie said very matter-of-factly “Ethan no! It’s not time to play!”
  • If we are trying to have a conversation with Ellie and she doesn’t answer us sometimes we will say “alright, good talk.” One night at dinner Zach tried to give something to Ethan to eat, Ethan just ignored Zach so he said “alright”. Then Ellie said “good talk!” It was so funny!
  • One morning Ethan was playing with his glow worm in our bedroom. Ellie was annoyed with the music so she put the glow worm in the closet and shut the door. The glow worm was still singing.

   Ellie – mom, I put Ethan’s glow worm in the closet.

   Me – was it too loud?

   E – yes! it was!

   M – you know, you could have just turned it off?

   E – but Ethan just keeps turing it back on! It’s a disaster!!

   Too funny! Incidentally, we have since taken the batteries out of both of the glow worms and put them away since hearing about the issues with the battery compartment melting in our particular model!!

  • I was going to count “1-2-3” for Elie to do something. I said “1” and then Ethan yelled “2!” It was so cute!

Here are some other funny things Ellie has said this month:

  • She came out of her room one morning with her sleeper all twisted because she always pulls her legs up into her sleeper and sometimes gets her feet back in the opposite leg hole. She was quite frustrated, so when I got her untwisted, she said “I’ve had the worst day ever!” Luckily, the rest of the morning turned out ok 🙂
  • I sometimes answer Ellie with an “I would love to” to whatever she is asking me to do. One day, I asked her to throw a diaper away and she answered “I would love to!” It was so sweet!
  • “Oooow! I just killed myself!” is something she says often when she hurts herself! Apparently one of us has said “killed” when we’ve hurt something and we can’t get her not to say that!
  • We were in the basement playing one evening and Ellie wanted Zach and I to throw a football. Then she pulled up her little lawn chair next to me, sat down and said “I’m gonna be the whistle man!”
  • Ellie pushed a kitchen chair over to my dry-erase note board one day and started erasing some of my notes. Zach caught her and said “mommy needs these notes. You can’t just erase them.” So she grabbed the marker and started making squiggly marks in the same spot where she erased my notes and said “It’s ok, see!” She thought her squiggles were the correct notes!
  • We were playing in the kitchen one day and she was making pretend cookies. She put the cookie sheet in the oven and said “Ok, set the time for 90 minutes! They’re going to take forever or just a little bit!”
  • Ellie has moved into “potty” humor. She thinks saying things like “pee pee” and “poo poo” are hilarious. She’ll pause and wait to toot where we can hear her – then she’ll giggle! She’ll even do that in the bathtub!
  • Zach and Ellie were reading about Noah’s ark a few weeks ago – just after I attended the baby shower for baby Emma. My mom had been telling Ellie about her new baby cousin and she took Ellie to Babies R Us to pick out a stuffed animal for Emma. Emma is her cousin Noah’s soon-to-be-sister. So as Zach talked about the story of Noah, Ellie said “I have a Noah! And we bought a present for the little baby!” It was so sweet! She can’t wait to see baby Emma and play with Noah again!
  • Ellie has done a great job attending dance class lately. She will even go in without me having to come in for a little bit! She still has to dance to music in the evenings, which generally is a good time had by all 🙂

Ellie is so sweet and caring, when she wants to be. She is quick to say she’s sorry after she’s thought about a wrong choice she has made. She is always concerned for our health, especially when she has heard one of us feels yucky. She reads people’s faces really well. She has a strong willed side for sure and it’s taking time to figure out how to deal with those moments of pure struggle! She sure is going to teach us about patience! 🙂 Although some days she can make a day seem like forever, the sweetest moments make it all okay!


We had Ethan’s 15-month check up this weekend. He weighed in at 24 pounds, 5 oz. The kid eats everything in sight, drinks lots of milk and still nurses quite a bit and yet he still lost weight since his check up at one year! I think all his activity and running has burned some of his baby fat away! He’s still in the 50th percentile though! He is 31.5 inches tall (73rd percentile) and his head is 18.25 inches (50th percentile). He got two shots that made him pretty unhappy but he recovered quite quickly! He took an extra long nap that afternoon, which was nice! 🙂

At 15-months, here are some other fun things Ethan is up to:

  • He loves stacking blocks, cups or anything. The other day he stacked three blocks and put a firetruck on top!
  • He loves putting things into baskets or any kind of container. I recently caught him opening the kitchen trash can and throwing Ellie’s socks in. We have since put the trash can in the pantry behind a closed door!
  • He loves pushing buttons! He gets so excited if he gets his hands on the TV remote! He attempts to push any buttons he sees while being held at a height for all the grown-up toys (microwave, house security system, washer/dryer).
  • Ethan loves Zach’s old school Bronco shirt. He likes the 1989 numbers on it. Zach wears it almost every weekend and Ethan has learned 1, 8 and 9 from pointing to Zach’s shirt. One day, Zach came home from work and he was wearing his Bronco shirt under a sweater. Ethan apparently noticed what shirt was on underneath and started trying to pull off Zach’s sweater! Zach realized what was wrong and as soon as he took his sweater off, Ethan was SO happy!
  • Ethan has started waving good-bye at the appropriate time. He generally closes his hand toward himself instead of the other way, but that’s exactly how Ellie did it at that age!
  • This month Ethan got his first four molars! He now has one molar in every quadrant of his mouth which has helped him in the chewing department! With those new teeth, there’s nothing he won’t eat!
  • As for the taste of foods, I don’t think there has been a flavor of something that he hasn’t liked yet!
  • We did determine last month after some allergy testing that Ethan’s horrible diaper rash was caused by a lactose intolerance. Of course it wasn’t the milk that caused the rash, it was the milk causing an upset tummy that caused the rash! Once we moved him to lactose free milk, he’s been doing wonderfully! We are still trying a few other potentially “high-lactose” items to determine how much he can have at a time without having an upset tummy.
  • Ethan can recognize every number one through ten. He also says them pretty well! If he’s upset, saying the numbers helps calm him down. He will randomly start saying “8-9-10!” all the time, any time!
  • He is starting to recognize and say letters. Just the other day he recognized A, B, C, D, E & L. We have a ways to go!
  • Ethan has been able to go up the stairs fairly easily the last few months, but this month he mastered coming down the stairs. He’s adorable as he slides down on his belly. We still keep the gates closed at the top and bottom of the stairs but now when it’s time to go up or down, I don’t usually have to carry him – just stay a few steps down from him!
  • Just last week Ethan said “Papa” – the first grandparent name he could say!
  • “Side” is outside – of course he learned that this month with all the time we spent outside!
  • “Nana” is banana 🙂
  • Zach came home from work on Friday and Ethan couldn’t stop staying “Yay dada!”
  • Friday morning he was saying “yeyo” for yellow and “purple” but not recognizing colors, he just liked saying those words. By Friday night in the bath tub, he was saying the colors of all the stacking cups: green, yeyo (still), red, bu (blue) correctly!
  • When ever Ethan has decided he is done with something, he yells “done!” When I go get him in the morning out of bed, he’s yelling done! When he’s tired of being in the car, he yells done! It’s hilarious!
  • He can lean in and give kisses on demand.
  • He still wanders around the house generally as happy as can be!
  • He likes to run – usually after his sister or if he has something in his hands he knows we are trying to get back, he will run away from us. It’s so cute!

Ethan is such a joy! His personality is so sweet and calm. He does get an attitude at times and squeals like a stuck pig, but those times are very few and far between. I haven’t seen any full-on tantrums yet, but I honestly can’t think of when those first started happening with Ellie. Ethan’s smile melts my heart and I just can’t believe all the things he is learning!

We have more pictures in the February 2014 Photo Album.