Favorite Words – 19 Months!


Ellie’s favorite words this month have been “mama” and “dada”. She will repeat “mama? dada?” over and over and over – while she’s in her crib, when we’re riding in the car, when we’re just at home. It’s so sweet to hear! Usually, unless she’s in bed, we’ll each answer her “yes sweetie” or something like that and then she’ll ask again. It’s so funny! She can point to the letter M and say “mama” and will point to the letter D and say “dada”.


She can recognize a few others letters as well – if we ask her where the letter is on the page, she’ll point to it. Sometimes she even tries to point at a letter and make a sound. She’s not very consistent at it, except with M and D. She is also starting to be a pretty good counter. When we ask her to count she’ll say “one, two”… she skips three, four and five (but we say it to try to get her to repeat it) and then goes straight to “sss, sssen, eii, nine, ten”. We count every time we go up the stairs. If she’s actually trying to count objects, she’ll count “one, two” while pointing at the first one and then the second – and then she quits.

Her two favorite drinks are “wawa” – water and “choc” – her chocolate milk. She also loves waffles and they are called “wawa” – which makes breakfast a little confusing! She can say “corn” really well and she LOVES it! “Kra” is carrot. Just new this week is “ba ba” which is ball. “Chew” seems to be the word for shoe lately. If you ask her what color something is, the answer is always “bue” for blue. She can pronounce “car” and “truck” really well also.

I was choking on something the other morning and every time I coughed, Ellie said “cough”. Then when I was done she started to fake cough, it was so funny!!

She says “Pa” for Papa (my dad) and “Gr” for Grammy (my mom) and Gramps (Zach’s dad) and then “G” for Gigi (Zach’s mom). It’s pretty awesome that she can say the first part of their names and that she differentiates between them. Of course Grammy and Gramps sound the same now, but she’ll get there.


Communication is getting even easier with her because along with her very strong and opinionated “no”, she will now shake her head “yes” when she wants something. Now I can ask her if she wants a fruit stick or a cracker – she’ll say “no” to one and shake her head “yes” to the other! Oh that makes me so happy!! If something tastes good, she’ll go “Mmmmm” or if we ask her if it’s good, she’ll answer with a hearty “Mmmm”! If something is spicy hot, she’ll just stick her tongue out a few times, make a terrible face and then reach for her water! She seems to understand “ok?” – if we’re telling her something and end it with “ok?” she’ll say “k”! She’s also a big flirt and can wink both of her eyes – multiple times!

One of the most hilarious things lately is that Ellie will howl like a dog randomly and then pant like a dog. Of course we just crack up and then she keeps doing it – but sometimes she sounds more like a coyote than a dog! Here’s a video of her doing it yesterday – Zach had to prod her to do it… but just minutes before she’d done it on her own and was just going on and on.

We haven’t taken a lot of pictures lately – Ellie is so active that it’s not too easy to get pictures of her that aren’t blurry! We’ve also just been more busy playing and having fun – which means I don’t always pull the camera out! Here are a few in the May – June 2012 Photo Album though.

Here’s a video from over a month ago – we were blowing bubbles on the patio and Ellie was just having a blast!!

I’m 14-weeks pregnant this weekend and I actually felt baby flutters this week!!! It wasn’t until I was about 20-weeks pregnant with Ellie that I felt her kick. Part of it is because I now know that those little flutters are little baby kicks… but also this pregnancy is a bit different from my first. With Ellie, my placenta was on the front – this time it’s on the back, so naturally I will feel more – whereas before every movement was a little “padded” on the front of my stomach. I guess that might mean we’ll possibly get to see the baby moving a lot more on the outside of my belly as time moves along! Yea!! 🙂