Family time in Wichita

The entire Moon Family - everyone’s heads couldn’t fit on this screen.... see this picture again below!
The entire Moon Family – everyone’s heads couldn’t fit on this screen…. see this picture again below!

Though the circumstances weren’t ideal, it was great to get the whole Moon family together this weekend. We had some wonderful family time together!


Zach and his brother’s hadn’t seen their cousins (Chad, Chris & Lindsay) in several years. It was so fun to get together as adults and see how our lives have turned out so far. Chris & Mary have four kids: Sophia (almost 6), Anna (4), Isabella (2) and Sam (9 months) – they live in Wichita too. Chad has a 10 month-old (Lucy) and they live in the Denver area. All this time we had never gotten to see Chad in Colorado – so getting together this time made us realize what we’re missing out on in Colorado with family that is so close! Lindsay lives in Wichita too – where she works and is getting ready to graduate from Friends University. Howard and his wife, Jane, were so fun to get to know! We spent so much time playing with the kids – who were all so sweet! Even though Isabella has a 9-month-old brother (who is just about the same age as Lucy), she was so excited to see Baby Lucy and wanted to make sure Baby Lucy was always taken care of and happy! It was so cute!

Howard and Jane have a cabin out in Buena Vista, Colorado – where they go spend a week or so every summer. While out in Colorado, they go for motorcycle rides in the mountains. Howard had his motorcycle sitting in the drive way on Saturday and Lori decided she wanted to take a ride with Howard. After getting all of Jane’s gear on, Lori hopped on the back of the motorcycle with Howard and took it out for a spin. It was a blast! We only took it down the street about a mile and back. We were on the little highway, going about 60 at one point! I can totally understand why so many people love to have motorcycles in Colorado – riding around with the wind blowing and beautiful views! I’m pretty sure that’s the only time I’ll ever ride a motorcycle and I’m glad Howard took me out!

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