Fall Favorites!


It’s been a whole month since we returned from our San Diego trip and it’s been that long since I’ve posted anything from our blog! Yikes! Zach has had a few work trips and I’ve been working more hours than normal – so trying to keep up with what we’re doing has been a little complicated! Despite the lack of documenting it on here though, our fall has been wonderful!! We’ve enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL Colorado fall weather – the leaves stayed yellows, oranges and reds so much longer than I EVER remember them in the past. The weather has been perfect enough to get outside every day and play! As we drive around, Ellie and I point out all the pretty leaves – it’s just been magical, really!

We’ve done lots of halloween crafts, had plenty of Sonic slushes with nerds, went to Little Monkey Business, went to Open Gym at the Rec Center, taken plenty of bike rides/walks around the block, played in the backyard or visited other parks and just today attended her first ballet class. At Open Gym and Little Monkey Business both kids have become more independent and strong! I love watching them try new things. At the park, Ethan is so fearless when climbing up to a slide and making his way down the slide. Ellie has even started making friends at the parks we’ve visited – which is really bringing her out of her shell. The biggest news was her ballet class today. If you recall, last year she had a dance class that was horrible to take her to – she refused to dance and hated to follow directions and in general hated going. We went to a different rec center for this class (which I was a little worried about it being different anyway) but she walked into class like it was nothing. She followed directions, she laughed, she smiled, she was amazing! What a difference a year makes! Oh, and she woke up this morning  saying “mom! It’s ballet class today!”  That experience today made my heart so happy!!

Now for all the little notes I’ve taken over the past month for each kiddo:




  • We went to the eye doctor early in September. Ellie did NOT want to cooperate! It was actually hard to tell if she didn’t know the letters she was seeing or if she was just being stubborn. In the end, we got the info we needed and her eyes are fine but it was so frustrating! ugh!
  • When listening to the Frozen song “Do you want to build a snowman” and the music gets to the part where the parents die, Ellie will burst into fake tears crying “Who’s going to pay for San Diego!?” It’s hilarious! I can’t stop laughing when she does it. Now when that song comes on she will ask a similarly ridiculous question like “who’s going to pay for a slushy?” or “who’s going to pay for the zoo”. It’s too funny!
  • We visited Zach’s cousin Molly’s new baby – Harper, a few weeks ago. At first Ellie didn’t want anything to do with her, but eventually warmed up and after we left all she could talk about was Harper. She wanted to write a note to Harper that said “I love you Harper. Love, Ellie” It was SO sweet!
  • One day we were talking about how one day I would become a grandma when she had kids. For some reason she freaked out and said that when her kids had kids she did NOT want to be a grandma. So then she said “please tell God I don’t want to be a grandma.” And I told her I wasn’t going to do that. So then she prayed, “God, please don’t make me a grandma”.
  • Anytime “Let it Go” comes on the radio she screams “This is my jam!”
  • Ethan choked on something at dinner one night. The noise he made was disgusting. Zach and I watched him to ensure he was ok. Then Ellie stated the obvious that we all were thinking “YUCK!” and we all busted up laughing!
  • Ellie has gotten much better at writing her letters. She needs to be able to see the letter while she is writing it – but she’s doing a good job – and still a lefty though.
  • She has started writing “comic books” where she draws pictures and wants to staple them together and then have one of us write a story that she makes up. Recently she drew a monster pooping, but the words she had for that page had nothing to do with pooping! It’s generally about a princess and her prince. Her people drawing skills are improving so much that you can actually tell she’s drawing a person! It’s so cool to see her develop those skills!
  • Ellie attended a birthday party at Chuck’E’Cheese this weekend. It was for a boy in her preschool class. Zach took her and Ellie had a blast. She had fun playing all the games and when it was time to eat, she sat down next to another little boy and ate all of her pizza – she didn’t whine that Zach wasn’t right there or that she had to eat pizza. It was like she was her own little person and self sufficient! We were so proud of her!
  • This little girl, despite still being crazy emotional and irrational at times, it growing up and becoming the most wonderful, compassionate, sweet and loving girl! She can go from making us crazy to making our hearts melt in a split second – but she is ours and she is amazing!




  • Ellie was eating pretzels in the car and Ethan was asking for some. I couldn’t reach back to give him any, so I asked Ellie to hand him some. They could barely reach each other, but Ellie managed to get him some. As soon as he got one in his hand, he said “Thanks!” Then every time she gave him one, he said “thanks!” it was so cute!!
  • Ethan will bring a book over to have us read it to him and then when we get to the end, he always says “the end!” and then generally will ask “do it again!”
  • He was walking around one day with a play cup, he pretended to take a drink and said “um, delicious!” He also loves saying “umm, delicious!” when eating a meal!
  • When he’s counting numbers – say 1 through 10 or by 10s and all the numbers are lined up, he notices if a number is missing he says “uh oh!” and says the number that’s missing. He generally sounds pretty nervous when that happens!
  • Ethan did a great job at the eye doctor – other than the fact that he quickly realized the screen he was looking at was a mirror reflecting from behind him. When a new letter popped up, he turned his head to see behind him. It was frustrating, but oh so hilarious!! His vision was fine too 🙂
  • He amazes me with the words he knows from his books – things like vegetables, umbrella, xylophone.
  • One morning Ethan stole my lotion bottle from the bathroom countertop and ran away all giddy. When he returned, I asked if I could have it back. He handed it to me and said “have”. I said “thank you” and he replied, “you’re welcome!” He doesn’t always say “thanks” and “you’re welcome” in context, but when he does, it’s so adorable!
  • When Ethan hears a loud noise he doesn’t like, he covers his face – Ellie used to do the same thing. It’s adorable and sad all at the same time.
  • This kid loves watching things spin – mostly fans. He’ll watch it, then make a spinning motion with his hands and then yell “spin, spin, spin!”
  • Ethan understands counting THINGS. If he’s counting cars, he’ll point and count “one, two. Two cars”. “One, Two, Three. Three books” It’s so cool!
  • Ethan knows all of the phonics letter sounds from A to Z. Here’s a video of him doing that recently:
  • This boy amazes us daily with the things he seems to know and understand. Daily we try to find new ways to challenge him. He tends to enjoy being around other kids, although he doesn’t actually play with them. He starting to stand up for himself a little bit better with Ellie – at least because he’s almost as big as her and she can’t clobber him like she used to! He is a wonderfully sweet and loving boy that still loves to cuddle and make us laugh! We are so glad that he is ours!!

The rest of this month will be full of Halloween and birthday celebrations for Ellie, followed closely by Ethan’s birthday! I can’t believe these kids are almost 2 and 4! What fun and what chaos all in one!!


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