Fall 2013: Steamboat Springs Trip


We just enjoyed a wonderful Colorado Staycation this week! Zach and I took the whole week off and planned to visit Steamboat Springs in the middle of the week. This was the perfect scenario for us!!! We had Saturday, Sunday and Monday to just hang out (as well as pack and make food for the trip). We headed to Steamboat on Tuesday morning. We drove during Ethan’s nap time, so he took a little snooze in the car. We ate a picnic on the way that I had packed. We got to our condo in time for afternoon naps and then we went swimming at the condo. The pool was outside, but it was a heated pool which was great!

The condo we stay in was a two-bedroom with a kitchen and main living area. This was perfect for us – a bedroom to put each kid in so we could still hang out in the family room and watch TV. We brought food so that we could have dinner at the condo both nights – since dinner time is the hardest to take the kids out to eat! The condo was beautiful!

On Wednesday morning we had breakfast at City Cafe – it was wonderful! Then we headed up to Fish Creek Falls.


We weren’t sure about the terrain, but we went ahead and took the double stroller hoping we’d be able to make it to the falls. We took some lovely pictures at the top of the falls and then headed to the bottom of the falls. Zach got a workout pushing the kids back up to the car, but we really enjoyed the hike and the falls!! Ellie got to throw rocks into the river, which made her very happy!


After we left the falls, we headed to Gondola Square to ride the Gondola to the top of the mountain. As we parked the car I started to feel like maybe the gondola wasn’t going to be working. There was a bunch of construction going on and there weren’t any tourists around. As we got closer to the gondola we asked some construction workers if the gondola was running and they said it’s the off season and everything is closed. Ellie lost it! She melted down…. like worst melt down ever! I felt horrible! We had talked for WEEKS about riding the gondola. I had her tell everyone we were going to ride a gondola because she says “gondola” so cute!! This is one of those situations where “you don’t say you’re going to the zoo until you are INSIDE the zoo!” Her melt down was so bad that she just went ballistic when we had to get back into the car. We went back to the condo to cool off for a bit and then decided we’d still go swimming at the hot springs.

We drove about 20 minutes outside of town to Strawberry Park Hot Springs. The pools were pretty warm, but we found a few areas that weren’t too hot for the kids. We stayed for about an hour and then headed back into town. The kids feel asleep in the car, which was what I was hoping would happen! While they slept, Zach went into the Moots factory which he enjoyed quite a bit!

We had a nice dinner at the condo again and then put the kids to bed. Thursday morning we walked around the shops in downtown before jumping in the car and heading home. We stopped and took some beautiful pictures because it seemed like the trees must have changed over night – they weren’t that pretty on the way there!! We had a packed picnic again on the way home – so easy!


We took a different route home and drove through Granby and Winter Park. As we drove past the Winter Park ski area, we saw a little gondola running – it was open air and just went from one little area to another little area (not like up the mountain)…. but I made Zach park and I ran over to ask if we could ride it. As I was walking over, the gondola stopped and a guy climbed up into the roof – I figured maybe they were doing maintenance and we’d be out of luck! They said it’s not normally operating this time of year but they had a retreat going on that was using it – they told us we could ride it, for free. If they had stopped the gondola a few minutes before, we wouldn’t have stopped! We got the kids of out of the car (neither one of them had fallen asleep yet – despite my desire for them to take a nap already!) and jumped on the Gondola! Ellie LOVED it and Ethan enjoyed it too. I was SO thankful we drove through Winter Park and the gondola was running at the exact moment we drove by!

Both kids fell asleep as soon as we got back into the car. We had a great drive back and made it home in time for dinner. By the kids’ bedtime, we were already unpacked and settled back at home! Then we had Friday, Saturday and Sunday to continue our staycation of just hanging out!

Staycation – it was AWESOME!


We have more pictures in the September 2013 Photo Album.