Ever-Changing Baby


Zach said the other night, “I know I don’t change every day, but I think Ellie does!” Boy is he right!! Ellie is just changing right before our eyes! Hopefully you saw the posts this week of Ellie’s First Shopping-Cart RideEllie Dancing and She Likes it – the post about her actually leaning in to eat from a spoon! Those were the major milestones this week with Ellie and they were so exciting I couldn’t wait until the weekend to post about them all!


I can see so many new changes in her every day and it’s so amazing! Over the course of a few days she went from kind of liking the flavor of mango baby food to totally leaning in to eat it. She went from just sitting in the bouncy activity gym to totally jumping and dancing while she’s in it. She’s the best little shopper as she sits up front close to me. Now that she has a different view of the grocery store, she just looks around at everything! She’s still wobbly when sitting on the floor, but lately she’ll wobble and do something to keep herself from falling over! Playtime on her back has been replaced with playtime sitting up!


What a joy it is to get to be a part of her life – to get to watch her grow and experience this world! Everyone told us our lives would never be the same…. they were right, and I love it!


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