Ethan’s Voice


This sweet boy has found his VOICE! He’s babbled a little bit here and there up until now…. BUT NOW – he is SO LOUD! He’s so loud, it’s kind of embarrassing when we are out in public! It’s so stinkin’ cute though!

This kid is also moving like crazy. When we put him on the floor, he will rotate around on his belly, push himself backwards and sometimes rolls too! He can get up on his hands and knees. He just started rocking on his hands and knees! I like to put my phone just out of reach and he tries with all of his might to reach it… I bet he’ll be crawling in less than a month!

We went back to the splash pad near Zach’s work on Friday late afternoon… we decided that was the best time to head to this park – no daycare groups, because that’s about the time that parents get off work. It was PERFECT! There were hardly any kids there and Ellie had a blast playing on the playground, trying out the rope jungle gym and playing in the water!


We had our friends Elie and Crystal over for a little play date this week. Elie will be 2 in august and both girls were pretty shy for a little while, but they had fun playing! They were so cute on the playground! It was great getting to visit with Crystal!


Here are just a few funny things Ellie has said this week:

  • She says “you never know!” at random times. It’s totally out of context but it’s so cute! 🙂

  • She says, “please be pace-ment (patient) with me.” Again it’s never really in context, as when someone is being impatient with her.

  • When something disappears, she says “pis-a-peared”… it’s only taken me a few weeks to realize that’s what she’s saying when she says it!

Love these kids… even when one is trying steal snacks from the other…


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