Ethan Taylor: 9 Months!


Our sweet boy is 9 months old already! Ethan is such an easy going boy! He only fusses when he’s hungry or tired! His sister tackles him and pushes him over and he generally doesn’t notice!

Ethan has four teeth – two on top, two on the bottom. He grinds his teeth just like Ellie did when she first got her teeth. I don’t remember how long Ellie did that for, but I hope he stops soon – it drives me crazy! He sleeps from about 8pm to 8am most days. He has gotten in the habit of waking up once a night and generally stays up for an hour to an hour and a half! It’s quite exhausting! He’s down to two naps a day! I time his morning nap based on what we’re doing that day, but his second nap is usually from 2-4, so that it lines up with Ellie’s nap as well. For the last few weeks I’ve had to nap when they nap – so it really helps when they both nap at same time so I can get almost two hours of sleep! Ethan is napping almost exclusively in his crib now, which is a pretty big deal! He loves being on his tummy – if he rolls over on his back, he tends to wake up more often. When he does wake up, he sits up and almost immediately stands up!


Ethan has been munching on more food this month. He gets really annoyed if he’s sitting at the table with us and I give him “baby food” and not what we’re eating! He likes munching on french fries, chicken and other meat (especially if it has seasoning on it), little baby finger food snacks, puffs, cheerios, pretzel sticks, waffles or pancakes and other breads, bacon, celery, etc. He doesn’t really like purees from a spoon but will sometimes take purees if he can suck it out of the pouch (or I squeeze it into his mouth!) He is great at drinking out of his straw sippy cup! If he starts to gag/choke on something that he hasn’t chewed up enough, he can drink some water and not have any issues! I’m pretty proud of him for that – Ellie was still gagging/puking things up at like 18 months!

I’m still staying away from dairy items and Ethan has been doing so great! He hasn’t been congested for a while, which is really nice! He also doesn’t seem to be spitting up as much lately! He nurses before his two naps and at bed time. He snack-nurses after he wakes up in the morning and after naps, plus a few other times during the day. I’m guessing as he eats more and more at meals that he’ll snack-nurse less and less. Oh, and he nurses for his long middle-of-the-night waking hour! I have a feeling maybe he’s going through a growth spurt!


Ethan enjoys crawling everywhere! He likes to crawl between the couch and Ikea chair – there’s usually enough room just for him to fit. If Ellie has moved the chair or something, he’ll try to go through and gets so mad if he can’t push through! He won’t stop fussing until I move the chair and he can crawl where he was intending on crawling! He will crawl for our cell phones so quickly, it’s hilarious! We got him to crawl through the tunnel this week by using our cell phones to get him to do it! 🙂


He enjoys standing while holding on to anything he can. He also does this thing where he gets up on all fours – but he never goes anywhere. We tried to see if he could climb the stairs one night this week. He never gets the chance to climb the stairs because of the baby gates so I didn’t think he’d be able to do it. He did great! It will be interesting to see what things he starts climbing on very soon!

He started laughing this week at things that are actually funny and not just when being tickled! It’s so fun to see his sense of humor! 🙂 He says mama and dada really well but still doesn’t really connect the dots that I am mama and Zach is dada. He can also say baba, but it doesn’t mean anything. And he just babbles constantly! 🙂


We just love this handsome boy!

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