Ethan Taylor: 8 Months!


Our sweet Ethan is just growing up so fast! He’s already 8-months old!

Here are some of the latest new tricks Ethan is up to these days:

  • He loves clapping!! He just started this a few weeks ago.
  • He has waved a few times lately. He’s not consistently waving back if we wave, but he will sometimes.
  • He loves having a wipe in his hand. He flaps it around and just giggles so much! It’s adorable!
  • He crawls backwards really well!
  • He can’t really crawl forward, but he will dive for things he wants.
  • He can go from tummy to a seated position easily.
  • Because he can now move from tummy to a seated position, we dropped his crib to the lowest setting this week.
  • He gets up on his knees to gets things he wants: in the bathtub, reaching for something I have and one night when Zach was playing the guitar. It’s adorable how quickly he can get up on his knees when he really wants something!
  • He loves climbing into my lap!
  • He’s been waking up extra during the nights lately. I’m not sure if it’s because of all these new developments that he finds him self stuck in a corner or sitting up and just doesn’t know how to go back to sleep… or if maybe he’s teething again! I’m looking forward to more sleep again, hopefully soon!
  • This boy is getting heavy!! A few weeks ago, I weighed him and he was just over 20 pounds. I weighed him again last night and he was 23.5 pounds!!! OH MY! It’s probably those extra late-night feedings!
  • Ethan has been chewing on lots of foods lately. He doesn’t really ingest much but he just enjoys playing with our food! One day, he was chewing on chicken nuggets from Sonic. He was sucking all the breading off of the nuggets. He kept biting them in half, so I had to take it away and fish the big chunks out of his mouth. Then I would give him a new piece. In the process though, he thought I was taking his food away and he’d start crying until I gave him a new piece! It was hilarious! Here’s a video of me just taking away the nugget and giving one back…

Here’s Ethan smacking his lips… he’s adorable! He just started doing this one night… and we haven’t gotten him to do it again since! 

Here’s Ethan clapping! 

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