Ethan Taylor: 6 Months Old!


Ethan is already 6 months old! He is such a joy in our lives!!

Here are some things about Ethan at 6 months:

  • Ethan is eating some baby food. We keep trying new things and every time he gets better at swallowing.

  • He still nurses every 2.5 to 3 hours during the day, has a few long nursing sessions at bed time and then typically sleeps all night or wakes up once (typically – see sleep regression note below!).

  • He loves cups! He will grab a cup out of our hands if we try to drink while holding him! We give him empty cups to play with and he goes crazy!

  • He loves looking at himself in the mirror!

  • He sits up pretty well, he still needs support and will still fall over a few times, but he’s getting so strong!

  • He enjoys standing and bouncing in his activity bouncer!

  • Still no teeth, but he’s been having some really hard evenings I would swear is teething, but who knows!

  • He’s had a bit of bedtime/sleep regression since our return from Topeka. Hopefully we get through that quickly and back to 7:30pm bedtime to 6:45am wake up.

  • Still taking naps in the swing! I need to work with him on sleeping flat in his crib this month, but we have to wait a few weeks. I accidentally got some dairy this weekend and he’s way congested. When it gets out of our systems, we’ll try to get him to sleep in his crib!

  • He can roll over both ways, but has only done it a few times still.

  • He is so happy 99% of the time!

  • We took him in for his 6-month check up and these are his stats:

  • Height – 27.25” (75th percentile), Weight – 18 lbs 12.5 oz (73rd percentile) and Head Circumference – 17.25” (55th percentile). He got four shots but they didn’t both him too much!
  • He giggles and giggles at things that Ellie does… the other night he didn’t want to go to sleep, so we hung out with Zach and Ellie in her room for a bit. She was being silly and Ethan just got a kick out of it!

He is such a fun baby! It’s so exciting to see him at this 6-month mark because he is so interactive now and Ellie just loves getting a reaction out of him!

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