Ethan Taylor: 4 Months Old!


Our baby boy is 4 months old!! He talks (coos) so much these days, it’s just a joy to hear him making noise!! When you kiss his neck or his tummy, he will just giggle and giggle!! He still loves bath time and getting his diaper changed. He watches every move Ellie makes and enjoys trying to watch the TV when Ellie has a show on.

He does great at tummy time – holding his head up!


On his back, he will roll to either side so that he’s lying totally on his side. If he grabs on to something (like my hand) he will try to pull so that he rolls over. He’s pretty close to doing that on his own!

I’ve tried to get him to sit up more often lately – even if it’s just with him in my lap, propped up against me. The other day, I we had him sitting on his own – he’s totally flopped over onto his legs – but he was happily in that position for a while!!


Ethan had his 4-month check-up on Saturday. He weighed in at 16 pounds, 5 ounces… putting him in the 72nd percentile!!! He’s 25 3/4“ long (72nd percentile) and his head is 16.5” (48th percentile). He got 4 shots again! This time we were prepared and gave him some tylenol before his shots (since he had such a hard time two months ago). The tylenol helped so much!! About 5 hours later when the meds wore off, he let us know about it!! It was melt-down-city!! We got him some more tylenol ASAP and about 10 minutes later he was happy again!! ha! So thankful for modern medicine!! A day and a half later, he was just fine!

Ethan is growing out of his 9-month sleepers already! He’s pretty much grown out of his 6-month onesies and pants. He loves chewing on anything he can get his hands on, or just his hands! The other day he grabbed by finger and brought it directly to his mouth! He didn’t bite it though, thankfully!

He’s still taking 3 naps a day with a little catnap in the late afternoon sometimes. He’s still very portable in the fact that he can nap through errands that we run in the mornings, which is pretty convenient. He eats A LOT before bed time and usually wakes up after about 30 minutes for an extra feeding. He has been sleeping in the swing a lot lately. At night, I put him in the swing and he will usually sleep all night long without it on. Some nights he might wake once, but that doesn’t happen very often these days! Eventually we’ll have to work on sleeping in the crib, but at least he’s not dependent on the swing MOVING to sleep all night 🙂

Ethan loves his bouncy seat and he LOVES making it bounce! Here’s a funny video of him bouncing like crazy! Sometimes he gets really excited when we tell him to bounce!

What a fun, sweet, happy boy he is!!

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