Ethan Taylor: 11 Months & Walking!


At 11 months, Ethan is walking like a pro!! The month of October was exciting for us! He went from only cruising along the couch at the end of September to taking his first set of three steps on October 11th. A week later we counted 7 steps one night (Oct 20th). Three days later, he took 15 steps (Oct 23rd). By the 26th of October he was walking like a so easily that we stopped counting steps.

DSC_5727 2

He moved up to the “walkers” classroom at church. The workers were a little worried he’d get “run over” by the bigger kids (the walkers class is typically 12-18 months) but we weren’t worried because his big sister runs over him all day long. When we picked him up, the nursery workers said he did great and held his own!

Ethan can wave bye-bye and sometimes says “ba ba” or “da da” – not sure where he got “da da” for bye-bye! I think he’s really close to saying “hi”! Ethan has started pointing to lots of things. In his room, Ethan will point to the elephant on the wall and say “A”. I know that’s not the right start to the word “elephant” but he only does that “A” sound when pointing at the elephant. If we ask him where the Elephant is, he looks up to find it on his wall. Ethan’s other new noises are “ba” and “gr” – not sure what “gr” means, but he has said “ba” a few times when holding a ball. Ethan LOVES soccer balls. If he sees a soccer ball in a book, he is instantly drawn to it!

Ethan is generally happy just playing with toys and walking around the house! His favorite toys right now come out of the kitchen toys basket – utensils, plates and play food. He’ll pick a few things up, chew on them and walk around the house. He makes lots of noises while he’s playing and giggles to himself.

Ethan likes to bob his head to music that is playing. One night Zach started singing like the “opera” and Ethan started bobbing his head. It was hilarious!! He will also start dancing if his sister is dancing!

I can’t believe this sweet boy is already 11 months old! He is such a joy to have in our family! He is still as easy going as ever. Ethan wears 12-18 month clothes and just got his first pair of real shoes (size 5 wide)!

DSC_5709 2

Here’s a cute set of videos of him walking…. It wasn’t until his 10th day of walking that I was able to get any video of the action! Enjoy!

We have more pictures in the October 2013 Photo Album.