Ethan Taylor: 10 Months Old!


Another month already!! I can’t believe Ethan is 10 months old!!


The big accomplishment this month was cruising! Ethan pulls up on everything and takes steps while holding onto everything! He is also standing more and more by himself these days! He doesn’t even have to pull up on anything to stand up – he just pushes himself up and balances! He can balance for almost 30 seconds before sitting back down!

The other exciting event was bringing back dairy!!! After 10 months of both Ethan and I being dairy free, we gave Ethan some dairy Thursday night and he did great! I had some dairy Friday morning and he didn’t react to that either!! FREEDOM!! We had some delicious food this weekend because we could both have diary – it was awesome! 🙂 I really wanted to have dairy in Steamboat (mainly because it’s such a hassle to have to order food dairy-free) but I was worried if Ethan reacted we would be miserable – so we waited until we got back home! I’m glad we waited but I’m so happy things can be back to normal now!

Most of Ethan’s 10-month accomplishments were written in last week’s blog post. Ethan is such a sweet boy! He smiles at everyone and is just always so happy!!

We have more pictures in the September 2013 Photo Album.