Ethan – Months 18 & 19


It’s been two months since I last blogged – Ethan has just grown into a little boy and he is not a baby any more! At his 18-month checkup, he was 32.5 inches tall (73rd percentile) and weighed 26 lbs. 4 oz. (62nd percentile). He gained 2 pounds and grew 1 inch since his 15-month checkup.


Here’s a list of all the things Ethan has done in the last two months. I’ve been keeping these notes on my phone and he really has gone through a developmental spurt! If it’s early on in the list, it was closer to 17-month activity and if it’s near the end of the list it’s closer to 19-month activity!

  • He knows most colors and shapes!
  • He says “uh oh” or “oh no!” when he thinks something has gone wrong
  • Points to our eyes and says “eyes, one, two” as he pokes each one
  • He sleeps from about 7:30 to 7:00. He has transitioned completely to one nap which ranges any where from 1 hour to 3 hours!
  • He drinks 9 oz. of lactose free milk (still) when he wakes up, then at nap time and bedtime.
  • This kid likes to eat! He loves any meat that we have for dinner and loves corn, grapes, strawberries, carrots and pretzel sticks! He can eat an entire hotdog in one meal and will still drink 9 oz. of milk at bed time!
  • He finally has patience to sit down and read a book! At nap time – Ethan, Ellie and I lay in her bed and read a few books before I take him to his room to go to sleep.
  • He still likes to burry his head in my arm when he’s trying to fall asleep at nap time or bedtime.
  • He says “I-you” for “I love you”
  • He can say “mama – I see you”
  • Ethan loves coloring! Sometimes when he is done coloring, he asks us to write letters or numbers on his paper – he just keeps yelling the name of the letter or number until we comply!
  • Ethan LOVES being outside! He loves watching Ellie blow bubbles, going for walks, swinging, playing on the playground, climbing climbing walls (he still needs a little help), climbing ladders (he’s pretty much able to do this on his own with a little spotting) and going down slides. He’s pretty fearless on most slides.
  • I gave Ethan a towel to wipe up some water. He wiped it up and said “all clean!”
  • We tell him “no sir” when he’s doing something wrong. Sometimes he says “no sir” to himself
  • When one of us isn’t around, he’ll say “dada! dada? work!” or “mama? mama! work!”
  • When he sees himself in the mirror sometimes he says “baby” and sometimes he says “meme”
  • His last set of four teeth are coming in (other than his 2-year molars we’ll see soon). We can’t wait until teething is all done!
  • “Elephant” is “el-fent”
  • He can say “firework” really well! When he hears the word “firework” he just starts saying it OVER and OVER!
  • On days I don’t have to work, I snuggle with him on his floor in the morning when he drinks his bottle. One morning, we were laying there, snuggled tight. He counted down from 5, said “beep! all done!” and then he rolled away from me. It was hilarious!
  • Ethan can tell us what body part is bothering him. He was sick and his nose was running – he’d grab his nose and yell “NOSE!” If he bumps his head, he’ll hold his head and yell “HEAD!” When his teeth are bothering him while teething, he’ll yell either “MOUTH” or “TEETH!”
  • If he spills his milk, he yells “mess” when he points at it.
  • He is also really good at yelling “help!” if he is stuck and needs help!
  • He finally says “yes” when we ask a question!
  • He can walk up and down the stairs – either holding our hands or holding the railing!
  • He finally mastered climbing up the slide steps and going down the slide that’s in the basement. He is still unsure of the slide on our playground – it’s pretty rough. He’s gone a few times and isn’t a fan!
  • He can count all the way to 20 all by himself. He can count past 20 with a little help. He counts down from 10 all the time!
  • He has gotten better and better at reading numbers and letters left to right – everything he sees, he has to point and say the letters and numbers!!

Love this boy!! We can’t wait to see what the next few months bring with his vocabulary!

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