Ethan: Mobility Achieved!


In the course of a week, Ethan went from his first few inches crawling forward to crawling around the house like he owns the place! Here’s a cute video I put together of his crawling accomplishments this week:

He’s getting more and more adventurous each day. The first few days I had to use something to entice him to crawl across the room. Now, he just roams around wherever he wants to! That just means he can get into things now, which might be a minor hassle at times, but I LOVE that he’s moving around now!!!! He’s such a big boy!!

He’s also pulling up on things this week (he might have done it a few times last week, but this week he’s doing it like a pro)! He pulls himself up to standing in the bathtub because he wants the bottles of soap. One morning, Ellie was sitting behind the Ikea chair ottoman eating her oatmeal like the ottoman was her table. Ethan saw her oatmeal, crawled over to the ottoman, pulled himself up to standing and reached for Ellie’s oatmeal! It happened so fast I couldn’t even get a picture! Then he fell backwards – flat on his back and bumped his head on the floor! Poor baby!

Ethan has been doing the “motor-boat” with his fingers all the time lately, but I can’t seem to get a video of it because he does it so fast and then won’t do it on command. He’s so cute when he does it!

Such a sweet boy!


Here are some funny conversations I’ve had with Ellie this week:

– She was messing with my hair one morning after I had just fixed my hair… usually she says she’s doing our hair when in-fact, she’s messing it up, but oh well.

Me: “are you fixing my hair?”

Ellie: “yes,” she paused for a moment and then said “There. Good as new!”

– She was repeating some babbling Ethan was doing one day in the car

So I said: “you know what’s cool Ellie, you can talk like a big girl now!”

Ellie: “It’s cold?”

Me: “No, it’s not cold, it’s warm out today”

Ellie: “You said, the one thing that’s cool?”

Me: “Oh!” Then I had to explain how “cool” means neat in that context!

– We’ve seen a few hot air balloons lately – on the way to my parents’ house or on top of the new Walmart down the street. Ellie always says “ha bear baboon! There’s a ha bear baboon mommy!”

So one day I said: “Ellie, can you say Hot Air Balloon?” (enunciating every syllable)

Ellie: “No, I just want to say ha bear baboon”


Silly girl! 🙂

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