Ethan is Three!


Our little man is now 3-years-old! This year, we celebrated Ethan’s birthday with family on Thanksgiving – which is probably the last year we can get away without doing any kind of “real” party. He enjoyed his balloons and cupcakes! He had fun opening gifts and playing with his rocket ship, blocks and stop watch.


Ethan is a little smarty-pants. He can count to 100 and backwards from 100 without any help. He also knows quite a few sight words – so the little boy who loves numbers is also soaking up the English language as well! He no longer puts ABCs or 123s in backwards order, but actually goes left to right now. He writes with his left hand still, but throws with his right hand. He is a pretty good eater and when he wants to have a meal-time battle, I can usually distract him with putting the food on a toothpick and he’ll decide to eat it! He has tried lots of new foods this way! We are phasing out his afternoon nap, which means he is asleep by 7pm and sleeps until 6 or 7am. He’s in the stage of coming into our room every night, but hopefully he’ll outgrow that soon. Ethan can tell time which has helped with his night-time wakings – he used to ask for milk in the middle of the night but now we can point at the clock and explain that it’s not time yet and he knows it’s not yet 6am. Ethan loves playing with playdoh, writing letters and numbers with colored pencils or crayons, he loves watching number videos and solar system videos on YouTube and he really loves rockets!

Although Ethan has his the “terrible threes” attitude, he is still generally sweet and snuggly. He likes to pout and boss us around but he’s never actually successful at it! He is still not potty trained, but hopefully that will happen sooner than later!


Here are some funny things about Ethan:

  • Ethan likes to┬átell us something and then say “did you know that?” like he’s telling us something we’ve never heard before!
  • Ethan got a watch for his birthday and wore it for many days, straight. We were on our way to church one Sunday and we forgot to put his watch on. When he realized his watch was missing he yelled “I forgot my watch!! We have to go back!” Poor kiddo, we didn’t go back home to get it.
  • The same day, we picked Ethan up from Sunday School and I asked if he was ready to go get a haircut (because that was our plan) and his response was “no, I need a hamburger!”
  • Ethan always needs to be holding “stuff”. At any one time, he usually has three or four things in his hands – to go to the store, to go to church, to go to the bath, to go to bed. Some of his treasures currently are: marbles, coins, buttons, golf balls, dice, etc.
  • Ethan loves coins – we have several dollars in change laying around our house at all times. He likes to hold the coins and look at the dates on them, put them in his piggy bank and recently he put all the coins in his pants pocket and ran around the house listening to it jingle!
  • On the YouTube kids app, there is a “parents only” settings button. One day, Zach watched Ethan tap the button and Ethan read “Parents Only” that came up on the window and then Ethan proceeded to type in the “password” which was spelled out in numbers: Two, Five, Eight, One – so Ethan said “2, 5, 8, 1” as he typed it in! Ha, he read the numbers!
  • When Ethan sees a vending machine, he needs to go “type in the password” by pushing several numbers and letters! It’s hilarious!

We love this fun-loving, silly, sweet, precious boy! It will be so fun this year to see what other things interest him and how he progresses in all of his skills!