Ethan is One!


We celebrated Ethan’s birthday on Thanksgiving this year. Of course, being on the 28th, his birthday will occasionally be on Thanksgiving. It was a good first birthday. We didn’t want to do a huge shin-dig, so spending the day with both sets of our parents was the perfect Thanksgiving and Birthday! I ordered invitations for his “party” because I wanted cards with 12-months worth of photos announcing his birthday! 🙂 Silly maybe, but I wanted these kinds of cards for both kiddos 🙂

We started Thanksgiving off with brunch, present opening and cupcakes. Ellie got to help decorate a few of the cupcakes, she loved it!


Ethan enjoyed opening presents, although Ellie probably enjoyed “helping” more!


Ethan wasn’t a fan of the birthday candle, I think he was happy to have Ellie blow it out.


I think the fire scared him so much that he wanted NOTHING to do with his cupcake…. no frosting, no hand-full of cake, nothing. Bummer.

After afternoon naps, we had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner and then pie before bedtime! 🙂

It’s been a month since I last blogged but I’ve been keeping a list of all of Ethan’s developments. Here’s what Ethan did this month:

  • Ethan lifts his hands above his head and says “yeah!” He will repeat it over and over if we keep saying it to him. He got some of our friends so tickled one night at dinner doing all his “yeah’s”
  • Ethan can wave bye-bye and either says “bah” or “Bye-bye”. If we tell him to say “bye-bye” he won’t say it until the person is actually walking away or we are walking away.
  • Ethan picks up different sizes of balls and yells “Ba!” all the time. He loves all kinds of balls.
  • He says “ca” for “car”
  • He say “bik” for “block” and he can stack one block on top of another one.
  • “Lie” is “light” – he loves pointing at lights.
  • “Tee” is “tree” – either a tree outside, on the TV or our Christmas tree.
  • He says the first sounds of words often and I find myself questioning if he just said what I thought he said!
  • Looking at his picture books, we can ask where certain things are and he’ll point at them: dog, ball, cat, apple, car.
  • If you ask Ethan to come to you, he will generally come.
  • Ethan loves playing multiple sound/music toys all at the same time. When one stops, he quickly pushes the play button again. He’s really good at knowing what buttons to press to make noise!
  • A new toy he received has to do with putting a ball in a hole – he quickly learned how to put the balls in the hole. He was so proud of himself! Shortly after learning that task, he started putting coins in the toy piggy-bank!
  • Ethan got his first haircut a few weeks ago. We went to the gal that does my hair – he sat in my lap and played with a toy the whole time. It was so sweet.
  • Ethan loves playing peek-a-boo! He will either hold a cloth/blanket to his face or just his hands. He covers up, then pulls his hands down and then waits for us to say “peek-a-boo!” He’s started saying the “boo” part.
  • If you pucker up, he will open-mouth kiss you.
  • Tooth #7 came in just before his birthday.
  • Ethan signs “more” by making a time-out hand gesture. He usually does it right after he takes a bite of something, but when he’s done he just starts swatting at the spoon. He’s signed “all-done” a few times, but it’s only when I say “all-done” and not really when he’s all done with his meal.
  • There are parts of our carpet that squeak if you stand on them just right. Ethan will happen to step on one and then he bounces on his feet to hear/feel the squeak more, it’s hilarious!
  • He has started to have a bad attitude at nap time. If I start getting him ready, he will squeal and arch his back and squirm! This is the first time I’ve really seen him throw a fit! Whew!

We took one-year/family photos this weekend. We were supposed to do it last weekend and it was crazy cold! I’m so glad we rescheduled because the weather was perfect! I can’t wait to see them!

Ethan is wearing a size 4 diaper still. He’s in 12-18 month pants and 18-24 month shirts. Ethan took to whole milk quite easily (it only took a few days of mixing half breast milk with half whole milk in a bottle). He takes about an 8 oz. bottle of whole milk before each of his two naps and then at bed time. If I’m home, I’ll sometimes nurse him after his bottle if he wants it. Although I’ve cut way back on my nursing, we will still do enough to help continue building up his immunities this winter and will just quit whenever it seems right. He still wakes up once a night generally and I’ve really enjoyed still going in there to comfort him back to sleep by nursing him. I really wanted to quit at 12 months, but I also really wanted to continue nursing if he wanted to. I like this new routine because I’m not pumping anymore and he can nurse or take a bottle of whole milk, depending on which is more convenient! He seems happy and healthy too, so that’s what’s important! 🙂

We went to the doctor on Monday and Ethan did great! He weighed in at 24 pounds, 13 ounces – 75th percentile. He’s 30.5 inches tall (only 5.5 inches shorter than Ellie!) – 80th percentile. He got four shots and only cried for about 10 seconds! I gave him some tylenol before his appointment which I think helped him recover this afternoon!

I cannot believe our 2nd kid is already a year old! It’s so true what they say – the days may be long but the years are so short! I hope that as the years pass I remember to take in all the little funny and frustrating things that happen in this lovely life of ours!

We love this boy!


Here are two sweet videos of Ethan this week….. this is me getting him to giggle early one morning when we were snuggling in Ellie’s bed!

Here, he just learned peek-a-boo!

We have more pictures in the November 2013 Photo Album.