Ethan: 7 Months and a Tooth!


Ethan is already 7 months old! He cut his first tooth this week! I swore he’d been teething for the last two months, I’m so glad one finally came out! We were at the grocery store on Friday and Ethan grabbed my grocery list and took a bite out of it! As I was fishing the paper out of his mouth, I felt the tooth!! Ellie cut her first tooth at exactly 7-months also!


Most evenings he is sleeping all night long and he’s finally started taking longer naps again. The last two weeks he wouldn’t nap longer than 30 minutes at a time, which was exhausting – for both of us! So hopefully he’s moving back to longer naps for good!

He’s sitting up really well and loves playing with more upright toys these days.


He loves making noises and is so happy! He’s a sweet, sweet boy!


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