Ethan – 3 Months Old


This boy is getting SO BIG and growing up so fast!!

I just weighed Ethan on our scale at home and he’s over 14.5 pounds! He’s in size three diapers and 6-9 month clothes! We put him in the cloth diapers this week, wearing the same size setting that Ellie is currently wearing. His chunky legs and big diaper made it really hard to fit him in some of his clothes and his body wouldn’t bend very much. So for now, he’s back in disposables until he’s a little more mobile I think. He does look adorable in them though!


Ethan loves to coo! He has the sweetest little “voice” and he is always happy! The other night I was nursing him and he started to choke… he choked, then coughed a few times, then smiled at me. He repeated that little cycle a few times and those smiles just made me laugh! He loves smiling! He still smiles in his sleep!

Ethan enjoys bath time – he splashes with his feet constantly! He’s almost too big for the baby bath tub, so we’ll have to move to the normal bath tub soon! He can grab small toys and brings anything he grabs to his mouth!

He’s still waking once or twice a night and still struggling taking long naps. If we go for a ride in the car, he gets an extra long nap… needless to say we take random trips around town when we can just so he’ll get some extra sleep these days. 🙂

We just love this boy so much! He’s brought so much sweetness into our lives!!


Here are some updates from Ellie’s week:

  • The other day Ethan was cooing and I kept saying “Tell me about it!” and Ellie repeated, “yea, tell mommy ‘bout!” It was cute!

  • She’s started wanting to do EVERYTHING herself, complete with “Ellie do all by self!”

  • Ellie LOVES water! We knew she loved water last summer because she always wanted to play in the baby pool or water table. Well, entertainment these days (with it cold outside) is taking a shower…. she ‘takes’ a shower at Grammy & Gigi’s houses on days that I work and she will take one here during the day if she wants to play. It’s slightly ridiculous, but she loves it! She does NOT take baths at bedtime anymore… only showers!

  • Ellie’s upper molars popped through this week. We had a few hard nights, but now that they’re through she’s doing better! I think that’s all her baby teeth now!

  • Ellie stills asks to hold Ethan, but he’s almost as big as she is! As soon as I put him in her lap, she says “too heavy!” and wants him off. It’s hilarious!

  • We bought Ellie a little backpack this week… for her to take all her stuff to Grammy & Gigi’s houses while I work. She looks adorable! She’s so proud of it and LOVES putting stuff in it and carrying it around! If she was going to preschool, I’d be really sad!


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