Ethan – 21 Months!


How is it that we are so quickly approaching the two-year mark? Ethan is such a wonderful little boy. He is still so snuggly and sweet. He loves putting his head on our shoulders and grabbing our shirts when we hold him. He is almost always smiling and is so easily entertained by letters and numbers. He definitely gets grouchy when he is hungry – but a snack or milk seems to kick his body back into happy-mode. He has started with the temper tantrums – reminding us just how close he is to being two! 🙂

He amazes us daily with the numbers and letters he says, the words he says or the silly things he does. Here are some great things from Ethan’s last month:

  • Ethan loves taking the foam numbers or letters that we have and lining them up in order. He still generally does it in backwards order, but it is in order to him. When he can’t find a specific letter or number, he kind of freaks out and starts yelling that letter or number until we come help him or he finds it on his own. Something like this…. He laid out one through six and then I hear “SEVEN! SEVEN! SEVEN!” I came over, saw the seven and pointed to it. He ran over and picked it up saying “There it is!” And then he was happily placing the rest of the numbers in order.
  • He can finally climb out of the learning tower on his own – he used to just get stuck in there and ask someone to pick him up so he could get out of it. He is still a little wobbly climbing out sometimes though. One day, he was climbing out and started to slip and he yelled “Uh-oh! Oh shoot!” It was adorable.
  • He loves to hand things to people and say “welcome”. Sometimes he says “welcome” just because and it’s so funny!
  • When he is looking for something and he goes to pick it up, he likes to say “I got it!”
  • When he’s swinging, he’ll say “back, ford” for “back & forward” – because he’s heard us tell Ellie how to swing her legs backwards and forwards!
  • His last tooth, that we were waiting on, finally came in! Of course we still have to make it through the two-year molars!
  • He likes to say “hello dada” or “hi mama” these days!

Love my little man!


  • If he’s trying to do something and he finally does it, he’ll exclaim “I did it!”
  • He also likes saying “I see you!” and “Ready, set, go!”
  • At dinner, he likes to yell everyone’s names around the table. “Daddy! Ellie! Mommy!” Then we ask him what his name is his response is either “Ephie” or “E-fun”!
  • He tries to say “broccoli”, “dandelion” and “olive” – those words come out so adorable!
  • Ethan says “amen” after prayers at dinner every night.
  • At dinner one night Ethan started saying “Mmmm” to everything he was eating: “Hot dogs, Mmmm! Chips, Mmmmm! Peaches, Mmmm! Water, Mmmm!” He’s done that a few random times since then but not as exaggerated as that first night!
  • When he wants to climb at the park, he says “cli-ma”
  • It is so cute when he counts things: When he saw eyes on an elephant blanked he said, “One, Two. Eyes. Elephant.” He had two cups and said “one, two. Two Cups!”
  • He can sing the entire ABCs – including the “now I know my ABCS, next time won’t you sing with me!”
  • We were reading a book about shapes – at the end, he said “Yay! I know the shapes!” – it wasn’t perfect, but I could tell that’s what he was saying!
  • He said “sorry” the other day when he dropped something.
  • He is finally sitting at the table (still in his high-chair, just now pushed up to the table instead of using his tray). He does pretty well eating most foods from a plate (hands and sometimes a fork) and doesn’t make too big of a mess! It’s a joy to watch him eat – because he loves to eat!


  • This kid as taken to running – every where we allow him to walk, he runs! He’s pretty fast and I love watching his little legs try to carry him away! Of course I have to be quick on my feet to catch him though!! I get my exercise that way! 🙂
  • Ethan is starting to finally love books! He’ll pick up a book and bring it to us and say “book” or “read” or “ABCs” (if it’s an ABC book).


Here are a few videos of Ethan counting. He loves counting anything he can get his hands on – this time it was counting the rails at the park.

He also likes making two-digit numbers with the foam numbers we have. He gets to 100 and doesn’t have enough numbers to make 100! haha!

What a fun boy!!

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