Ethan: 2 Months!


Ethan is already 2 months old!! He’s such a sweet boy! He’s sleeping pretty wonderfully at night – typically only waking once between 2 and 4. He also goes to bed pretty easily between 6:30 and 7:00. He was taking two long and two short naps each day, but the past few days he’s been cutting them all short at 45 minutes – that stinker! We’ll get through it though!

I love watching him nap… he likes to be so snuggly!


We took Ethan in for his two-month check up today. The doctor says he’s doing great! He got five shots! Poor thing! He cried when the nurse poked him, but after that he settled down pretty quickly. He weighed in at 12 lbs. 9 oz. (75th percentile), he’s 22 3/4 in. long (50th percentile) and his head circumference was 15.5 in. (45th percentile). With those measurements, it’s no wonder he’s already growing out of his 3 month clothes!

He has been a little extra fussy this afternoon, but that just means I got some more snuggles in while Ellie was napping.

Such a sweet boy….


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