Ethan – 17 Months, Plus More Fun!


Here we are, already into May and I need to finish up on April’s activities! We spent the second half of April having the grandparents over for dinner a few nights, visiting some friends and even going to meet our new cousin, baby Emma! We had an easy Easter celebration at home, because yet again we were sick the weekend of Easter! Crazy! Ellie dyed Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny brought some fun things for the kids.


At the end of April, I drove down to Monument with Ellie, Ethan and my mom to go visit Greg & Jen’s new baby, Emma. Ellie and Noah had fun playing together and I enjoyed getting to hold Emma. Noah is a wonderful big brother and it was so fun to visit for a while! We even got some great pictures!


This month Ellie has been crazy about babies! She still says she has a baby in her belly, named “Satellite” and she generally picks a stuffed animal each day to be her “baby”. This month, her Tigger stuffed animal was her baby for two-weeks straight (and still going) and his name is “Ethan”. She takes him just about everywhere and she tells everyone that mommy has an Ethan and this is her Ethan! ha! I’ve even let her carry him in the baby carrier a few times! 🙂 Love it!!

photo 2
photo 1

She’s also a good disciplinarian by yelling at the wind to stop blowing and she even put it in time out on our way into Target one day! 🙂

Ethan is just amazing us with all the things he does with numbers and letters. He plays with number/letter puzzle pieces all day long! He just LOVES them! Putting different puzzle pieces on top of other ones is one of his pastimes! Also, lining up blocks or number pieces….


Here are some other things about Ethan’s development this month:

  • When I go get him out of his crib in the mornings, he stands there yelling “up!” When he wants someone to pick him up, he’ll walk over to them, put his arms up and say “up!”
  • When he wants to get out of his room, he’ll stand at the door saying “open!” If he knows there’s something inside a container, he’ll bring it to me and say “open!”
  • While swinging, he yells “weeee!”
  • Ye-yo is jello
  • yo-yo is yogurt
  • Munch is lunch
  • Sayers is “down stairs”
  • Meme is movie! He will point to the TV or the TV remote and yell “meme!” if he wants to watch a show! 🙂
  • He loves Ramen noodle soup and starts saying “soup! soup!” when he sees me making it
  • He always asks to turn things on. We have a cash-register/conveyor belt toy, it’s pretty big, but he’ll pick it up and bring it to me saying “on!” He’s also figured out how to turn some toys on, all by himself 🙂
  • We’ve heard him say “day you” (thank you) a few times!
  • He says “no! no! no!” to a situation he doesn’t like – whether it’s going into someone’s house that he doesn’t know yet or just last week when we stepped foot in the church entry-way, he started with the no’s! ha!
  • When he finishes a puzzle, he picks it up and yells “yay!”
  • He doesn’t know a lot of animals – since he really only cares about numbers and letters, but he does know zebra, lion, tiger and elephant.
  • His favorite shape is a start and he loves pointing them out in books!

Ethan is right in the middle of the transition from two naps to one nap. His two naps were only averaging 30 minutes a piece some days, so I decided it was easier to just move to one nap. If he wakes up super early, he may get a morning nap, but most days it’s just one – for a whole hour, which is nice for me. I’m hoping that as we start playing outside and he gets a little more worn out, he’ll get used to napping longer and longer. We’ll see how that goes! He still drinks tons of whole (lactose free) milk and eats amazingly well! He is generally happy still, but is definitely in the tantrum phase! ha!

Now that the weather is nice, we’ve been spending lots of time outside in our backyard. We love playing on our playground. The rough thing though is that Ellie freaks out about every bug she sees! It’s quite annoying and we’re not quite sure how to get her to be okay with bugs! Although, last week Ellie and Grammy played with a Rolly Pollie and she thought it was wonderful. Today she found one in our backyard and she man-handled the Rolly Pollie until I think he was dead! oops!

Can’t wait to pull out the baby pool and water table! 🙂

We have more pictures in the March & April 2014 Photo Album.