Ethan – 13 Months!


I can’t believe another month has flown by with this little boy! Christmas was fun with him because he got some fun new toys, although he still wasn’t really interested in actually opening the gifts!

Here are some new things from this past month:

  • He can stack two or three blocks. I’ve actually seen him stack 5 blocks before the 6th one made the tower fall, but that was only one time.
  • Today he had two cheerios that were stuck together and he seemed to think he should make a tower – he tried so hard to get another cheerio to stack on top of the twin cheerios.
  • In a big bucket of balls, he will search for the ones that he knows make noise and grab them to shake them!
  • If anything has wheels, he calls it a car… you know the typical truck, tractor, trailer, car – all cars. Also, the dish washer rack that has wheels – it’s a car to him too! 🙂
  • He’s trying to say “cup” these days. He says “cu” which sounds very similar to “ca” for car…. but the “p” sound is becoming more pronounced at times!
  • He can communicate when he needs his water – he’ll look in the general direction of his sippy cup and say “wat”. He also loves pointing to drinking cups and saying “wat”. He’ll point all around the table at everyone’s drinks – whether it’s another sippy cup, a glass, a plastic cup, a restaurant cup – they are all water 🙂
  • He still drinks water out of a straw sippy cup and still drinks milk from a regular bottle. Eventually we need to get him drinking milk out of the Nalgene sippy cups (they are the best leak-free sippy cups we found for Ellie), so we occasionally try to see if he can do it. The valve is pretty tight so it’s not real easy to suck water out of. Well, this week he figured it out and can drink water out of the Nalgene sippy cup. We tried milk once and he wasn’t into it… maybe because right now he KNOWS milk comes from me or from a bottle! ha! We’re getting there though!
  • He’s getting really good at “bye” – he can say “bye” or “bah-bye” and sometimes waves the right way and sometimes waves backwards. One night I said “say bye-bye to daddy” and he said “bah-bye da”.
  • I’ve heard him say “hi” a few times, but he’s not consistent at it.
  • Everywhere he goes these days, he’s pretty much running! If the gate is left open to go upstairs, when I notice and he notices, we both make a break for the stairs and he’s so fast! He’s always running to try to keep up with Ellie also.
  • He’s started crawling into the cabinets and also loves playing in the pantry.
  • He seems to have a sense of humor and will giggle at things he does. He also gets the biggest giggle going when Ellie makes him laugh! 🙂
  • When Ethan wants to say no – to something we’re not letting him do or something Ellie does to him, he just repeats “nananananan”
  • When he wants to nurse, he starts saying “mamamam” and pulls at my shirt.
  • He will dance when he hears music. If he’s not dancing, we’ll say “Ethan, dance!” and he will 🙂
  • Ethan loves food! It’s SO FUN to feed a baby food! We never did this with Ellie, she was just so picky from the start and would hardly try anything new. Just this week a few things Ethan has eaten from a spoon (begging for more in between bites): beans & rice, cheese grits, oatmeal, yogurt, spaghettios and pad thai noodles. It’s amazing to me what he will eat! He will pick up and eat all kinds of cereals, corn, cut up carrots and peas. He loves eating apple slices too! I hope he continues to have a good appetite and enjoys trying new foods!
  • The goal for Christmas break was to get Ethan sleeping all night long and napping in his crib without having to be held…. we accomplished both! The sleeping all night actually happened two nights before break and then I kept it up the few nights he woke up when break started. He’s really good though, if he does wake up, he’ll cry for less than 10 minutes (sometimes only a minute or two) and go right back to sleep! Wow! It’s awesome! 🙂 For nap time, we’d gotten in the habit of rocking him for a LONG time and then laying him on the floor (for some reason laying him in the crib woke him up and nap time was gone!) he was also fighting his morning and his afternoon naps since his birthday. We decided to go ahead and drop the morning nap – kind of early if you ask me, but it seemed to be the right thing for him. Now, he has a bottle mid-morning just to keep him happy. Then he has another bottle after lunch and takes a nap. If falls asleep in my arms, he will wake up and fuss only a little bit when I put him in his crib and leave the room. He sometimes wakes up at 45 minutes or an hour, cries for at most 10 minutes and then goes back to sleep. IT. IS. AWESOME. 🙂
  • As mentioned above, Ethan has a whole milk bottle (about 7 oz.) mid-morning, a 9 oz. bottle at nap time and then a 9 oz. bottle at bedtime. Sometimes he’s not satisfied at bedtime, so I’ll nurse him a little bit after his bottle. Then when he wakes up in the mornings, I also nurse him. If it’s a day that I go to work, he has another bottle of whole milk. I am really liking this nursing situation. I get to keep nursing him a little bit to keep up his immunity and all that good stuff, but I’m no longer pumping and messing with all of that. The fact that he’s sleeping all night now also helps – because I had been nursing him anytime he woke up at night.
  • Ethan got some neat cars for Christmas – they play music and sing, etc. Ethan will generally walk around holding one of them and just giggle and giggle as they sing and play music! It’s so cute!
  • He had the worst diaper rash this week…. so bad I had to take him to the doctor. I’ll be glad when that clears up because all the extra creams are such a hassle! I sure am thankful for modern medicine though!
Ethan just started making really silly faces this past week! First, he started with the pop-eye!


And then today he started doing a fishy face!!


What a little lovie he is!!! 🙂 He gets us so tickled sometimes! He always has us laughing at the dinner table. I wonder if he’s going to be a class clown someday or just the sweet little boy with a sense of humor. It will be interesting to see his little personality come to life over the years!

Speaking of personality, he will NOT come to me when I ask him to – he always runs away. If I need to change his diaper, it’s the worst. I always have to go get him. Hopefully he’ll start following directions soon 🙂 I’m not sure if that’s a personality thing or not…. it probably isn’t.

Can’t wait to see what new and fun things Ethan does in 2014! 🙂

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