Estes Park

Estes Park with our little girl - 19 weeks
Estes Park with our little girl – 19 weeks

After the exciting events late in the week, we packed up some bags on Saturday morning and headed to Estes Park. Lori’s parents had booked a few days up there and we decided to join them for the weekend. It was probably the worst spring/summer weather we could have had – but what else do you do when you have reservations to a beautiful place? You go anyway!

When we got there on Saturday, it was lunch time, so we had lunch in town and then picked up some cookies – a must in Estes Park because there is THE BEST cookie place there! It was rainy and cold, but not terrible! We noticed the water in the river was quite high compared to normal and wondered what it would be like in the park. We drove into the park and took a few little hikes and realized the water was high everywhere! We stopped at the first spot where there’s a great waterfall (see picture above)… it was amazing, especially with the extra water! While we hiked up the rocks, the sun came out a few times! We drove up as far as we could on Trail Ridge Road, but it was closed as we got closer to the top. Usually they open the pass around Memorial Day weekend, but I guess they’ve had too much snow!

Then we headed back towards town to check in to the cabin – mom and dad were already there. We warmed up with hot chocolate on the deck and then had a yummy dinner. We just hung out all evening, since it was too cold and rainy to go hiking some more. Sunday morning we woke up to a lot more rain, but decided to make the most of it by putting on lots of rain gear and heading for the park. We drove all the way to Bear Lake and took a walk around the lake. It was still cold and rainy, but we still enjoyed the hike.

Brrrr… it was cold:


We caught a few other great pictures while we were out there, although you can’t see any of the mountains because the fog was too thick!


Before we headed back to Denver on Sunday afternoon, we were greeted at our cabin by an elk… he hung out for quite a while as we took his picture:


And, here’s a cool shot Zach took of the river with some of his cool camera effects:


Lori’s parents were staying until Tuesday, which is when the weather was supposed to turn from yucky to beautiful! Oops! Who would have thought June would have a yucky rainy weekend? Oh well, Colorado is still fun and beautiful in the midst of cold rain!

We posted more pictures posted in our Estes Park Photo Album.