Ellie’s Third Week


It’s been another eventful week with our beautiful little girl! Monday night Ellie had her first bath. She really enjoyed it.


This weekend though, we bought a different bather – one that would allow us to bathe her without filling the entire bath tub! She really enjoyed that bath too! Zach gives her a bath and I sit by and watch and help when needed. I know Zach really enjoys bath time and Ellie does too – I think that bath time will always be Daddy’s job

Zach had to bring work home with him this week, but he still got to have time with his girl… Ellie LOVES falling asleep on his chest, so when she was fussy and wouldn’t go to bed, she slept on his chest while he worked. It was so precious!


We took Ellie to our small group meeting on Tuesday night. We got there early so I could feed her before it started. She got a little fussy and was hungry again after group started. I fed her again and then she slept the rest of the time. 1st small group meeting — Success!!

On Friday, Ellie and I went on our first solo outing! I needed to run to Tony’s Market in Castle Rock for a turkey and to Sam’s for a ham…. I got her all ready to go and grabbed the snap’n’go stroller. We made it to Tony’s and Sam’s and she was doing just great! I picked up Arby’s, got home and ate it before she woke up and was ready to eat again! Mom’s first solo outing with Ellie — Success!!

Sunday, we planned to finally get to church with Ellie. Obviously, three weeks ago I was in labor – so we didn’t go that week. Then the past two weeks we were still letting her run the schedule and if she’d sleep until 9:15, we let her – so we could get some extra sleep too! This week though, I worked on trying to get her up at the same time every day – which made Sunday morning easy as well. Of course it took both of us to get her ready (and get us ready) in time to make it to Sunday School, but we did it! We were even early! We wanted to make sure we got a seat in the back of the class – easy access to walk her around and calm her down if needed. She got a little fussy at first, but I just stood and rocked her for about 15 minutes. Then she slept on Zach’s chest the rest of the time. First Sunday School class — Success!!

This is her all dressed up for church:


This outfit is so girly!! I just love it! Thanks Great-Aunt Jeanne!!

I put her in an outfit on Friday that was a onesie with pants. Until now, she only wore sleepers. She looked so cute and put together. We have lots of onesies but no pants (other than the outfit she wore to church today) that fit her right now, so I picked up a few pairs of pants this weekend so we could dress her in more than just sleepers. She sure is precious in anything she wears though!

Each week, we do something new and feel great that we’ve accomplished something new – including church events with a not-so-loud baby! 🙂

We posted this week’s pictures in the November 2010 album. We love taking pictures of our sweet Eleanor!