Ellie’s Second Week


Our little Ellie is now two weeks old! We can’t believe she’s been in our lives for two whole weeks! She had her two week doctor’s appointment today. She is back at her birth weight (7lbs. 6oz.) so the doctor was very pleased! Her belly button is completely healed, so we’ll be able to give her a real bath tonight – no more chilly sponge baths for her! She had her second genetic screening blood drawn today… they poked her little heal and then squeezed blood out – she cried and cried but after a little bit we were able to comfort her and she was okay 🙂

We go back in two weeks for a weight check and then at the end of December for her two month appointment, which is when she’ll get her first set of shots since her birth at the hospital. She’s doing so great!!

We’re still working on getting her to settle down after her feedings at night. She’s been congested this week, so sometimes we put her to sleep in a swing or her bouncy seat. This seems to help. Sometimes though it doesn’t matter where we put her to sleep at night, she still wakes up just after being laid down and we have to calm her down quite a bit. This definitely makes for a long night. We’ll figure it out though, she is only two weeks old! She nurses every four hours at night and every two to three hours during the day, so it seems like she has her days and nights in order. For some reason though, at night the feeding/putting her back to sleep task takes up to two hours. We re-looked at the Baby Wise book this weekend to see what we can do to help her sleep better at night. We’ll see how this next week goes.

When she sleeps for a long time at night and I start to feed her, I just look at her and I realize I missed seeing her face for a few hours! If I feel that way now after spending all day with her, how am I going to feel when I go back to work? It will be SO hard! It was definitely hard for Zach to go back to work this past week… he loved coming home every night to his smiling daughter just waiting for him to hold her!

Here’s to week three with our sweet Eleanor Grace! We posted more pictures in the November 2010 album. There are lots of them, I just can’t pick a small amount of my favorites!