Ellie’s First Day of Preschool

DSC_8508Ellie’s first day of preschool was on Thursday! We signed her up for a Tuesday/Thursday morning class at the charter school we hope to get into when she’s in Kindergarden. She’ll attend preschool for two years – the 3 & 4-year old class this year and then the 4 & 5-year old class next year.

She was a little nervous about going to school. We went last week and met her teacher which went pretty smoothly. We were the first ones to enter the room last week which helped Ellie not feel overwhelmed. On her first day of school, we were the first ones in the door and Ellie got to have a quick conversation with her teacher before the other kids came in the door. We got her situated and said “goodbye”. She was already so busy with the activity at her table that I don’t think she realized we were leaving!

Three hours later I went and picked her up and at first she said she liked school…. then later she said she didn’t like school! Ha! She couldn’t answer any questions I had about what she did at school but during the afternoon she would mention things here and there which gave me a little insight into her day. She learned “criss-cross applesauce” to sit in a circle on the floor and the “Where is Thumbkin” nursery rhyme. They have an owl named Mr. Hoot (I’m pretty sure she thinks he’s real – but I’m pretty sure it’s just a puppet) and she thought he was hilarious! She enjoyed her snack but was disappointed that they didn’t use scissors! At the meet & greet last week she used some safety scissors and was really looking forward to using them again!



I love these pictures with her. Although she was nervous for school, you certainly can’t tell by these pictures! I think secretly she was excited! šŸ™‚

Since it was her first day, I took Thursday off so Zach and I could both take her to school – I didn’t want to miss that! After we dropped her off, Ethan and I ran some errands, played at home and then visited a park. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have one kid in tow! Of course, that one day is the only day I’ll get to spend that one-on-one time with Ethan…We signed EllieĀ up for Tuesday/Thursday school so that she would attend preschool while I’m at work and so I still have more time with her at home. Although it would be special to have that one-on-one time with Ethan, I’d prefer to be home with both of them when I can!

Zach will take her to school (on his way to work) and then the grandmas will pick her up and still take turns spending the afternoons with her – while the other grandma watches Ethan. What a fabulousĀ setup we have with our wonderful parents available to spend time watching and playing with our kids!

We love this little girl and can’t wait to see what wonderful things (socially and educationally) she learns this year!!