Ellie Says So Many Funny Things!


It’s been a whole month since I last did a blog post! Although we’ve been busy, I’ve made sure to note the silly things Ellie says, because I want to forever remember all the funny things she says as a three-year-old!!

  • She’ll say “if you say so” or “no worries mom” in response to things I tell her. Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t!
  • She was watching a movie and exclaimed “whoa! Big jelly fish! HUGE!” in a voice that sounded like a man. When I asked Zach what her voice sounded like, Ellie said “drama queen!” It was so funny!
  • “Hummm, Interesting” is a response to lots of things these days.
  • At bed time, after Zach puts Ellie to bed, Ellie asks for him to send me in when I’m done putting Ethan to bed. One night I went into her room and this all came out of her mouth: “I’m so glad you came in here. Did daddy send you in? How are you feeling?” I felt like she was just so grown up!
  • She says “snug as a rug” when she’s bundled up.
  • She’ll ask “can you break this in half?” It’s not really funny, it just shows me how smart and grown up she’s getting!
  • She will generally say she’s sorry a few hours after something she got in trouble for – things from not sharing to whining/crying for no reason to throwing a fit. I think she’s really starting to understand good and bad behaviors.
  • I was playing with the magic tea pot in Ellie’s kitchen one day. I tipped it over to hear the song that plays. Ellie said “oh no mommy! You made a huge mess!” I apologized (of course I didn’t realize it was ‘real’). Then she said “ugh! You’re making my head hurt!” hahaha! I don’t think I’ve ever said “you’re making my head hurt” so I have no idea where she got that!
  • We were talking about the fresh fish display at the grocery store one day. She asked why weren’t getting any fish. I told her that we don’t really cook fish. She said “but Jesus does!” My heart melted! She was talking about the Bible stories where Jesus “cooks” fish and bread to feed thousands! 🙂
  • At a birthday party last month, we had some lemonade. She loved it. We were on the way to another party later and she brought up the lemonade and how she needed some more. When we were done talking about how she might get to have some, she just said “I like lemons!”
  • She says “oopsie daisy” quite often!
  • She loves turning the Christmas tree lights on when she comes downstairs in the mornings!
  • Tonight as she went upstairs, she turned off the Christmas tree lights and said “nighty-night Christmas tree! After while crocodile!”

As I was taking this picture, she was sticking her bottom out and said “take a picture of my bum!” I didn’t, but got this cute look on her face instead! 🙂


Love her!

We have more pictures in the November 2013 Photo Album.