Ellie Sayings…


Here’s a little Ellie update for this week… she’s starting to say more and more three, four and five-word phrases! Of course, I can’t remember a lot of them right now, so I can only write about what I’ve taken notes on this week… but I know there were tons more sayings that just cracked us up!


This week she tried some coconut pieces and called it “coco-tree”. She’s been talking on her “hand phone” quite a bit lately… some of the things she says are:

  • Low? (Hello?)

  • Pre-good (Pretty Good)

  • Well!

  • How doin?

  • Okay! Bye!

She tripped while playing in her kitchen on Christmas day and she bumped one of her bowls. She caught the bowl and then said “good catch!” We all died laughing!

At dinner last night, she bowed her head and started laughing – but it was like this fake laugh and the look on her face was hilarious making this fake-laugh face. I didn’t get it in a picture so only Zach and I have seen this charade and it’s SO FUNNY!!!


Apparently we say “what the heck” a little too much in our house. Today, we were eating at McDonald’s and she said “what the he…” and well, it didn’t sound like “heck”. A few people over-heard it and I was embarrassed, so that saying is going to have to stop!

Ellie has started saying “please” and “thank you” in her phrases without our prompting. And many words are plural sounds lately for some reason.

  • “no close doors please” (please don’t close the door)

  • balloons (for ONE balloon)

  • twos, threes (two, three)


Another one of my favorite sayings: “sit right there, here” (sit that right here) and “no this” (referring to whatever she’s pointing to).

What a funny little girl! Her vocabulary is just blossoming and it’s so much fun to watch the wheels turn and words come out of her mouth!!


Oh, and we’re having some sleep issues…. still! She’s skipped a few naps lately, which gives her a hard evening – waking up extra times. At bedtime she still has a hard time with us leaving the room. Zach has had to go comfort her quite a bit at night but only stays in there if it gets to be 4 or 5 in the morning, because at that point, they will get better sleep if he stays. Hopefully we’ll get through this very soon!!

She’s also gotten really good at playing at all the indoor play places. We’ve visited quite a few this past week with daddy home from work (McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, Burger King) and she’s had a lot of fun playing. She HATES when other kids are there playing  and will keep saying “no kis!” (no kids) while she tries to boss them around – they ignore her. Sometimes she has a hard time climbing up something – but with a little coaching, she can figure it out! It’s really fun to watch her climb around and be adventurous!

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