Ellie is Walking!


Ellie has just about mastered walking this week! Really, almost over night for the past few days she has doubled her walking distance – three days later she’s walking all over the place, standing without falling over and she just keeps going!

We took this video on Saturday morning, by Saturday evening she was walking even better!

It’s so fun watching Ellie walk around – she’s such a big girl!!

Also some big news this week is having Ellie “cry it out”… for a while now, Ellie has been able to fall asleep at bedtime by crying it out. She usually cries for less than 5 minutes and then she’s out. It took us a few months to really get this behavior solidified – she was doing great with it before we moved, then we had to re-teach her after we’d been here for a few months.

The night-wakings though, have gotten to the point that we really need to get her past that! I’m tired!! We had attempted the “cry it out” method a few times before moving, without any success. Once we moved I figured we were destined to wait until she just did it on her own because having her cry on & on in the middle of the night is not really considerate of our apartment neighbors! A few weeks ago we found out that the people above us were moving out in mid-November. I tried to set my mind on us attempting “cry it out” again once they moved out. They moved out this week – so we decided to give it a try Friday night! I was determined to let her cry for 5 minutes (I set a timer). If her crying escalated beyond what we were comfortable with – then I’d go in and nurse her to comfort her and put her back to sleep.

Friday night, Ellie went to sleep at 8pm, with minimal crying at bedtime. She woke up at 1am. She cried for 5 minutes, but didn’t really escalate too much, so we let her continue crying. She cried for an hour, while we just laid in bed and listened to her cry… she would get loud and then quiet and loud again, but she didn’t get angry sounding! At 2am she was asleep! She woke up again at 5am and only cried for about 5 minutes. She made a few more peeps here and there, but she calmed herself down! Then she woke up at 6:30 – I nursed her and we started our day.

Saturday night, Ellie rolled over on her belly and fell fast asleep at 8pm. She woke only once at 3:30am… and cried until about 4:45am. With no help, she went back to sleep and woke up again at 7:30am!

Tonight, she went to sleep easily at 8pm and we’ll see how tonight goes! I really hope it won’t take more than 3 nights to get her to sleep all night, but I won’t hold my breath! I just hope she can get through this before we have neighbors above us again!


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